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Thomas Prentice of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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Thomas Prentice of Glasgow, Scotland
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2009 and Revised 6 Feb 2012

Update of 6 Feb 2012: John Prentice, b. 1741, is #4 in our Winter 2004 article entitled John Prentice of Carluke, Scotland . That article now replaces this article.

We are helping Ray Chandler of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, and Julie McDonald of Perty, Western Australia, in tracing their Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:

B. John Prentice, b. 1741,

He m. Euphemia Scott. They had 1 or more children, including:

  1. Thomas Prentice, chr. 1777, Carluke. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [A]

A. Thomas Prentice, chr. 1777, Carluke.

He m. (Unknown). They had 1 or more children, including:

  1. Thomas Prentice, b. c. 1816, Glasgow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [1]

1. Thomas Prentice, b. c. 1816, Glasgow (a suburb of Glasgow), Lanarkshire (per 1871 census) and d. 1874 in Partick, Lanark (per Death Register).(per Julie McDonald, emails, 21 Sep 2009 and 5 Sep 2012).

Thomas appears in the following census records:

  1. He appears with his wife and children in the 1851 census living at 7 Greenend in the town of Greenend, Old Monkland Civil Parish. His occupation was listed as "Hammerman." A "Hammerman" is identified in Scotsfamily.com/occupations as a "Metal worker, a smith."

  2. He appears with his family in the 1861 census living at 2 Locks Row, Old Monkland where he is called a "Labourer."

  3. Thomas and his family later appear in the 1871 census living at Greenend No. 35, Old Monkland, where he is called a "Labourer."

  4. He is not listed in the 1881 census when he would have been about 65, perhaps indicating he was by then deceased..

This Thomas Prentice of Glasgow must be distinguished from another Thomas Prentice, a Weaver, in Old Monkland who also had a wife named Mary.

In the 1870 marriage record of his daughter, Anne, he is called a Blacksmith and in the death record of his dau., Mary, he was called a "mineral labourer (per Julie McDonald, email, 4 Jan 2009).

Thomas m. Mary McVey about 1835-1836. She was b. c. 1818, Doune, Stirling, Perthshire(per 1871 census). She d. 1873 (per Julie McDonald, email, 4 Jan 2009). Mary was the dau. of Peter Mc Vey and Mary McEnerney (per Julie McDonald, email, 3 Jan 2009, citing Mary's Death Certificate)

Known children of Thomas and Mary:

  1. (perhaps) Thomas Prentice, b. 20 May 1837, Deanston,Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland (per IGI). He may be the same Thomas Prentice (1) shown in the 1851 census as b. c. 1838, Deansten, Stirlingshire, and/or (2) b. 7 Nov 1836 to Thomas Prentice and Mary McVey in Deauston, Kilmadock, Perthshire per ScotlandsPeople. Not home in 1861 census and not in 1861 census.

  2. Ann/Anne Prentice, b. 6 May 1847, Old Monkland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]

  3. Peter Prentice, 19, b. c. 1852, Old Monkland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]

  4. Mary Prentice, b. 29 Aug 1855, Old Monkland (per IGI, and living at home in the 1861 census. Not home in the 1871 census. She m. William Barrie. He was b. c. 1850. They appear in the 1891 census at 96 Gray St., Glasgow Barony with their children (per Julie McDonald, email, 6 Jan 2009):
    1. John Barrie, b. c. 1877.
    2. Janet Barrie, b. c. 1880.
    3. Thomas Barrie, b. c. 1882.
    4. William Barrie, b, c. 1885.
    5. Margaret Barrie, b. c. 1888.
    6. Peter Barrie, b. c. 1889.

          2. Anne Prentice. She was the oldest of the two daughters of Thomas Prentice (b. c. 1816, Glasgow) and Mary McVey (b. c. 1817, Lanark, Lanarkshire). It is unclear whether she had an older brother, Thomas, shown in the IGI as b. 20 May 1837, Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland

          Anne was b. 6 May 1847, Old Monkland and d. 14 Dec 1920, Meikleriggs, Paisley, Scotland. At home in the 1851 and 1861 census. Julie McDonald, a descendant, says she has copies of Anne's marriage and death records identifying Anne as the daughter of Thomas Prentice and Mary McVey. 1881 census in Abbey, Renfrewshire.

          Anne m. James Bryce on 16 Dec 1870, Greenend of Calder, son of Adam Bryce and Mary Erskine. James is Ray's great-grandfather. James was b. 4 Mar 1848, Robsmills Temple, Scotland or Stobomiles, Edinburgh, and d. 5 Jul 1892 in Paisley, Scotland.

Anne, James and their family moved to Paisley, Renfrewshire about 1878 and to Australia in 1910. Children per (1) Ray Chandler, (2) Christine Hadden who provided information from the 1881 Renfrew census at 3 Thomas Street, Abbey, Renfrew, Scotland where James Bryce's occupation was "Joiner (Threadmills)" and (3) a Group Sheet provided by Julie McDonald's email of 7 Jan 2009:

  1. Adam Bryce, b. 11 Aug 1871, Old Monkland, and d. 29 Dec 1897. He is Julie McDonald's grandfather and Ray Chandler's great grandfather. At home in 1891. He m. 1st Jeannie Burns. Children per Julie McDonald, email, 2 Jan 2009 and 23 Sep 2009:
    1. Jean Blair Allen Burns Bryce
    2. James Bryce. He is Julie McDonald's father.
    3. Annie "Nancy" Bryce. She is Ray Chandler's grandmother.

  2. Thomas Bryce, b. 16 Jan 1873, Old Monkland, and d. c. 1954. At home in 1891. He m. Ann Watt.

  3. James Prentice Bryce, b. 18 Nov 1874, Old Monkland, and d. in Queenstown, South Africa. At home in 1891. He m. Olive Ethel (Tuppy) White c. 28 Oct 1898, Paisley, Scotland.

  4. Peter P. (Prentice?) Bryce, b. 5 May 1876, Drumlayen, Scotland, and d. 11 Jan 1963, Paisley, Scotland. At home in 1891. He m. Janet Tervil on 28 Oct 1898, Paisley, Scotland.

  5. George Bryce, b. c. 1878-1881, Paisley, Scotland At home in 1891. He m. Elizabeth Muit on 28 Oct 1911.

  6. Annie Preentice Bryce, b. 20 Feb 1883, Paisley, Scotland, and d. 29 Apr 1961, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. At home in 1891. She m. John Cameron on 16 Sep 1913, Paisley, Scotland.

  7. Andrew Douglas Bryce, b. 26 Jan 1890, Paisley, Scotland, and d. 25 Feb 1943, London, England. At home in 1891. He m. Ethel.

In the 1891 census in Old Monkland, Anne and James appear living on Chain Road Lexwell with their children; also living with them was Anne's brother, Peter Prentice, and James' grandfather, Adam Bryce, b. c. 1825, Roslin, Edinburghshire.

3. Peter Prentice, b. c. 1852, Old Monkland (per 1871 census) and d. 1925 (per Julie McDonald, email, 3 & 6 Jan 2009). Peter lived in Greenend of Calder. He did not have a very happy life. Census information:

  1. At home in the 1861 and 1871 census in Old Monkland and in the 1871 census called a "Lube Worker."

  2. He is probably the Peter Prentice shown in the 1881 census in Glasgow Hutchesontown, Spirit Shopman, with his wife, Annie Jack, b. c. 1852, Fossoway, Perthshire; no children shown.

  3. In the 1891 census in Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, he was a Night Watchman living with the family of his sister, Anne (Prentice) Bryce) on Chain Road Lexwell.. No wife is shown so he is likely a widower or divorced.

  4. In the 1901 census in Dalry, Ayrshire, with no wife shown. His occupation is given as "Hostel Poter" (Perhaps that should "Hostel Porter," an Inn baggare carrier or gate keeper.) In 1911 he was declared insane and sent to Bothwell per Julie McDonald, email, 6 Jan 2009)

He m. Annie Jack at some date before 1881 and they seperated about 1889. Julie McDonald relates finding in Parish Relief records, per Mitchell Library, Scotland, an application from Ann (Jack) Prentice saying she was deserted by her husband, Peter Prentice, 1898 - both parents dead. It is said that she had been married before, or had liaisons with other men (per Julie McDonald, email, 6 Jan 2009). Annie was , b. c. 1852, Fossoway, Perthshire. No children shown in 1881 census.

Julie McDonald advises she has locate a descendant of Peter Prentice and hopes to obtain further information about Peter from him.

Who are Thomas Prentice's Parents?

Investigation is continuing.

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