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Robert Prentice of Virginia and Tennessee

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Robert Prentice of Virginia and Tennessee
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2009 and Revised 4 Sep 2016

We are helping Larry Prentice in tracing his Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:
1. Robert Prentice was born in 1777 somewhere in Virginia (per Irma Prentice).

As an Ensign, he was a member of the Tennessee Militia from Sevier Co, TN on 10 Oct 1796.

    Note: John Prentice (704/14), a desc. of Wm. Prentis of VA, married Rhoda Lovelady in Sevier Co., TN about 1807. John’s sister, Hannah Prentice (705/14.2), m. Dr. Joshua West in 1793 and they moved to Sevier Co. in 1794 according to his biography. It is unknown if there is any kinship between Robert and John.

Robert married Ann (surname unknown) before 1815. Ann died before 1825. Children of Robert and Ann:

  1. Margaret Prentice, b. 1815. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]
  2. Isaac Prentice, b. c. 1817. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]
  3. Jackson Prentice, born c. 1820. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4]
  4. John Prentice, b. c. 1826. Del, TN.
  5. Robert Prentice 1831 – 1890 . . . . . . . . . [5]

Irma Prentice’s E-mail of 21 Oct 1998 cites an 1820 TN census showing, in the household of a Robert Prentice, 3 additional males and 1 additional female. It is not known if this is the same Robert Prentice, b. 1777, but for tracking purposes it is tentatively assumed they are the same person. Additional children would be:

  1. (male) Prentice, b. 1794-1802. Irma Prentice believes he may be William Prentice who was living near Robert in the 1830 census in Smith Co., TN.
  2. (male) Prentice, b. 1802-1804.
  3. (male) Prentice, b. 1804-1810.
  4. (female) Prentice, b. 1804-1810.

Robert then married, as his second wife, Sarah Ann (surname unknown) in 1825 in Smithville, Dekalb Co., TN. She was b. 3 Feb 1786, VA, and d. 1 Dec 1850, TN, age 64 years. They had two additional sons:

  1. John Prentice, born in 1826, Smithville, TN. He is unmarried, living with his parents, and listed as an "idiot" in the 1850 DeKalb Co., TN census.
  2. Robert Prentice, b. 1831. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5]
  3. (perhaps) Elizabeth Prentice. By email of 10 Oct 1998, Marshel Cunningham referrs to an Elizabeth Prentice, b. 1837 in TN, m. Wilson F. Jackson on 8 Oct 1848 in DeKalb Co., TN.

2. Margaret Prentice, born in 1815. She appears nearby in the 1840 census with her husband.

She m. Nicholas Parsley, born 1813. They moved from DeKalb Co., TN to Lawrence/Sharp Co., AR sometime after the 1850 TN census. Children of Margaret and Nicholas:

i.	Monroe Parsley, b. 1839, who m. Nancy Jane Tomkins.  Children:
	a.	Margaret Parsley.
ii.	Louise Parsley, b. 1841.
iii.	Sylvanus Parsley, b. 1843, who m. Mary Jane Smith.
iv.	Luther Parsley, b. 1844, who m. Martha A. (unknown).  Children:
	a.	Ada L. Parsley
	b.	Alice Parsley
	c.	Lee B. Parsley.
v.	Levi Parsley, b. 1847. who m. Mary L. (unknown) and had a son:
	a.	David L. Parsley.
vi.	George Parsley, b. 1850, who m. Nancy J. (unknown) and had:
	a.	Tilden Parsley
	b.	Julia A. Parsley.

3. Isaac Prentice, born c. 1817 and probably in Sevier Co., TN. A farmer.

He married, 1st, Phadey M., b. 1816. He m. 2nd Rhoda (surname unknown), born 1814. At some date between 1950 and 1960, Isaac and his family moved to Lawrence/Sharp Co., AR. James and Rhoda appear in the 1860 Big Creek, Lawrence, AR census with their children:

  1. James Prentice, b. 1844. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [6]
  2. Melissa Prentice, b. 1847.
  3. Alvin Prentice, b. 1849. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [7]
  4. Martita Prentice, b. 1851.

4. Jackson Prentice. born c. 1820, who appears on the same page (253) with Robert in the 1840 Dekalb Co. census; Robert was age 53, and born about 1777. It seems reasonable to think that Robert may be Jackson's father. In the earlier 1830 Smith Co., TN census, Jackson was not listed because he was then a minor. However, listed there in that 1830 census was a Robert Prentice whose age matched the above Robert Prentice.

The 1860 DeKalb census shows Jackson, age 50 and born 1810, living alone, indicating perhaps his wife had died and his children had either married or died by such date. By letter 2 Feb 1998, Irma Prentice identifies his abode as a "poor house" and that he was having "insane fits." Jackson died sometime after 1860. After his death, Rachel married, as her second husband, Paschal Wright in TN in 1862. Interestingly, under "Remarks" in the census record was the word, "Idiotic." At that time and place it might have referred to mental deficiency, or it might have referred to a physical condition such as cerebral palsy.

The 1830 Smith Co. census also listed two men, both named William Prentice (ages 20-30 and born 1800-1810), one with a wife older than he. There were no Williams listed in the 1840 DeKalb Co. census.

Jackson married, as his first wife, Rachel Kelley (1821-1878). Children:

  1. William Burton Prentice, b. 22 Feb 1838. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4a]
  2. George W. Prentice, b. 11 Nov 1839.
  3. Sarah Elizabeth Prentice, b. 8 Feb 1842.
  4. Rebecca "Jane" Prentice, born 29 Sep 1844. She m. Lewis/Levi R. Taylor on 12 Feb 1869. Children:
    1. Millie J. Taylor, b. c. 1869.
    2. Rachel Taylor, b. 1870.
    3. Josephine Taylor, b. 1872.
    4. Dibrel L. Taylor, b. c. 1873-4.
    5. R. H. Taylor, b. 1876.
    6. W. B. Taylor, b. 1878.
    7. Fannie Bell Taylor, b. feb. 1881
    8. Ida Taylor, b. 1885.
  5. John "Nicholas" Prentice, b. 20 Dec 1846, born c. 1846.
  6. Millie "Caroline" Prentice, born 12 Jan 1849. By letter of 18 Jan 1998, Tracy Dover Huggins, a descendant, has provided an extensive listing of Millie's descendants.
  7. For another possible son, see James Prentice, Putnam Co., TN.

4a. William Burton Prentice, b. 22 Feb 1838 and d. 24 Mar 1818. Buried Gordonsville Cemetery, Smith Co., TN.

He m. 1st Martha L. McDonald. Children:

a.	Lucy Prentice, b. 1861, who m. George W. Fisher. 
b.	William James Prentice, b. 1864 and d. 1954; he m. Annie Maude Winfree. 
c.	John Efron Prentice, b. 1866										[4c]
d.	Robert L. Prentice  (1868-1943) m. Lula Ellen Thomas;  
e.	Nettie Forrest Prentice  (1870-1941) m. Sam Preston;   
f.	Martha F. Prentice  (1872-1950) m. Lely Squires

William Burton Prentice m. 2nd Martha Strickland, an indian from AR, in 1881-2 in Fayette Co., Braden, TN. William and Martha Strickland Prentice may have lived in Shreveport, LA, since that is where their four children raised their families. They are either buried there or in Homer, LA. He is buried in Gordsonsville Cem. in Smith Co., TN. Children:

g.	Thomas Flin  Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1883 and d. 4 Apr 1951; m.Cadley Bryant;  
h.	Lula May Prentice, b. 14 Dec 1885 and d. 9 Jun 1950; m.  John L.Robinson;  
i.	Lonnie Bert Prentice, b. 4 Mar 1890 and d. 30 Mar 1971; m. Dee Patterson; 
j.	Bricen Cooper Prentice, b. 4 Jul 1893.								[4d]

4b. (omitted)

4c. John Efron Prentice, b. 1866 and d. 1934.

He m. Lula Bell Harper. Children:

1.	Carrie Helen Prentice, b. 19 Mar 1893 and d. 30 Sep 1939.; m. Canter, m. Tanner  		
2.	Daisy Mae Prentice, b. 9 Aug 1895 and d. 22 Nov 1977; m. Benton, Kittrell
3.	Charles Lee Prentice, b. 22 May 1896 and d. 21 Dec 1986.
4.	William Walter Prentice, b. 30 Oct 1899 and d. 15 Nov 1902.
5.	Elsie Lou Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1903 and d. 14 Jul 1993; m. Midget
6.	Johnnie Young Prentice, b. 7 Jun 1907 and d. 9 Jan 1985; m. Davis.
7.	Vallie Hazel Prentice, b. 24 Nov 1911; m. 
8.	Earl Nelson Prentice, b. 8 Feb 1915-17 and d. 31 Ju. 1979; m. Rosie Earline Smith.  
	i.	Mable Earline Prentice (DOB 9-14-1933) m. Douglas O'Neil Sloan Children:           
		1.	Douglas O'Neil Sloan, Jr. (DOB 12-2-1951)
		2.	Victor Wayne  Sloan (DOB 3-19-1954) m. Nancy Pyland
		3.	Timothy Carson Sloan (DOB 11-16-1957) m. S.  Chung 
		4.	MaDonna Yvette Sloan (DOB 10-301962) m. P. Vance
	ii.	Barbara Jeanette Prentice (DOB 2-3-1939) m. Hall
	iii.	Joe Nelson Prentice (DOB 3-8-1941)
	iv.	Marsha Lynn Prentice (DOB 12-13-1948) m. Crosslin  

4d. Bricen Cooper Prentice was born in Bells, TN 4 Jul 1893 and d. 28 Feb 1987 at Homer, LA of a Cerebral Hemorrhage. He hopped a train for the oil fields of the ArkLaTex as a young man.

He married Beatrice “B. T.” Caver on October 22, 1911. She was b 18 Oct 1893 Atlanta, TX and d. 28 May 1985 in Homer, LA of Respiratory Failure. Children:

i.	Margaret Inez Prentice was b. 20 Nov 1912, Atlanta, TX and d. 11 Dec 1988 at Homer, 
	LA of a Heart Attack.  She was afflicted with polio about 1915-16 and did not marry.
ii.	Bricen Cooper “Jimmy” Prentice, Jr. was b. 19 Aug 1919 at Trees City, LA and 
	d. 30 Nov 1997 at Bossier City, LA of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  He was a 
	Chief Master Sergeant/First Sergeant, USAF.  He married Lenna Lee Moyer on 
	18 Feb 1952.  She was  b 24 Apr 1924  Independence, KS and in 1999 lived in 
	Bossier City, LA.  Both bur. Bossier City, LA.
		Note:  She had been previously married to Frank James Fudge.  They had two boys, 
		Frank James Fudge and John S. Fudge, both of whom changed their names to 
		Prentice sometime after the marriage of Bricen Cooper Prentice, Jr. and 
		Lenna Lee Moyer.  John S. (Fudge) Prentice adopted a child, 
		John Paul (Fudge) Prentice, whose name has also been changed to Prentice.  
		Children of Bricen and Lenna:
	a.	Lee Anne Prentice was b. 27 May 1955, Cambridgeshire, England.  In 1999 she lived in Shreveport, LA.  
		Paralegal and Notary Public.  

		She m. Gary D. Goetz in the early 70s; they were divorced on 3 Feb 1981.  He was b. 6 Feb 1951 and 
		in 1999 lived in San Antonio, TX.  Disabled Vietnam veteran and author.  Children:

		1.	Jason William Goetz, b. 19 May 1977, Shreveport, LA where he was living in 1999.  
			He m. Caroline Donaldson sometime in 1998.  She was b. 11 Nov 1977 and in 1999 lived in 
			Shreveport, LA.  Children:

			(1)	Mason Lane Goetz, b. 23 Nov 1998, Shreveport, LA.
			(2)	Dillon Monroe Goetz, b. 2002
			(3) 	Haley Jaye Goetz, b. 2007, dau.

		Lee Anne Prentice married, 2nd, Henry Edward Blunt on 24 Sep 1982.  He was b. 11 Jul 1951, Logansport, 
		LA.  Construction/Electrician/Wood Worker. Children:

		2.	Richard Daniel Blunt, b. 23 Jan 1984, Shreveport, LA.

	b.	Bricen Cooper Prentice, III. b. 28 Apr 1965, Columbus Air Force Base, MS.  
		Did not marry, no children.  1999 in Bossier City, LA.  Computer Programmer, Historian.

iii.	Billie Jean “Jean” Prentice, born c. 1920-30 and d. 1972-3.  She m. Joe Camp, who 
	died sometime between the late 50s and the late 60s.  Childen:
	a.	Zane Colton Camp, b. 1953 and in 1997 may have been living in Houston, TX.  
		He married twice and has at least one child:
		1.	Billy Joe Camp.

5. Robert Prentice, born 1831 in Smithville, De Kalb Co., TN and d. 1890 in DeKalb Co., TN and is buried in the Christian Cem. in Silver Point, Putnam, TN. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War from 21 Oct 1863 to 13 Dec 1864. He was a member of Co. C, First TN Mounted Infantry under Com. Wade Jones from Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co., TN. Robert is buried in the Christian Cemetery in Silver Point, Putnam Co., TN.

Robert m. 1st, in 1852 in DeKalb Co., Elizabeth, b. 1831, TN. Children:

i.	James Prentice, b. 1851 and 3 Aug 1933.				[8]
ii.	George W. Prentice, b. 1857.  					[9]

Robert m. 2nd, in Dec 1887, Adelaid Wallace Smith, a widow, at Silver Point, TN. Adelaid is probably the Adelaid Prentiss, b. Feb. 1847, TN who appears in the 1900 and 1920 census living in the Putnam County home of of her son, James W. Smith.

6. James Prentice, b. 1844 in TN (and perhaps Sevier Co.), son of Isaac (#3).

James m. 1st Nora. Children (per 1880, Big Creek, Sharp Co., AR census:

i.	John Isaac Prentice, b. Dec 1862, AR.				[7a]
ii.	William Prentice, b. c. 1868, AR.
iii.	Laura Prentice, b. c. 1875, AR.
iv.	Georgia Prentice, b. c. 1878, AR.
v.	Isaac Prentice, b. c. 1879, AR.

James married, 2nd Lola/Lula Gormley, in June, 1882. She was b. c. 1868 and had two children by a prior marriage: Eliza and Robert L. Gormley. Lula was living alone in the 1920 Garland Co., AR census; James was perhaps by then deceased. Children of James and Lola/Lula (per 1900 Black Rock, Lawrence Co., AR census:

vi.	Charles A. Prentice, b. Jun 1886, AR.
vii.	Martitis Prentice, b. Aug 1889, AR.
viii.	James F. Prentice, b. Jul 1894, AR.
ixi.	Bertha M. Prentice, b. Oct 1895, AR.  She m. Oscar Beakley in Garland Co., AR 
	on 2 Apr 1916.
x.	Everette M. Prentice, b. Sep 1898, AR.

7. Alvin Prentice, b. Mar 1850, TN (perhaps Sevier Co.).

He m. Sarah J., b. Dec 1850, AR. Children (per 1880 & 1900 Strawberry, Sharp Co., AR census and 1920 Hoxie, Lawrence Co., AR census).

i.	Charles Prentice, b. Feb 1874, AR. He m. Elizabeth, b. Dec 1877, AR. Children 
	(per 1900 Black Rock, Lawrence, AR census): 
	a.	Elmer M. Prentice, b. Mar 1897, AR.
	b.	Margaret M. Prentice, b. c. 1902, AR.
	c.	Myrtle Prentice, b. c. 1904, AR.
	d.	Virgil L. Prentice, b. c. 1905, AR.
	e.	Manda M. Prentice, b. c. 1907, AR.
	f.	Charles E. Prentice, b. c. 1914, AR.
	g.	Francis L. Prentice, b. c. 1917, AR.
ii.	James Monroe "Monroe" Prentice, b. Mar 1877, AR.
iii.	Mary A. Prentice, b. c. 1879, AR.
iv..	Willie/William L. Prentice, b. Jan 1889, AR.
v.	Hattie M. Prentice, b. Nov 1890, AR.
vii.	Jessie Prentice, b. Mar 1897, AR

7a. John Isaac Prentice, b. Dec 1862, AR , son of James (#6).

John m. Mary Rimer in 1894 at Alicia, AR. She was b. c. 1877 in IL. They appear in the 1900 Marion, Lawrence, AR census and the 1910 Goliad Co., TX census with their children:

i.	Edith E. Prentice, b. c. 1898, AR
ii.	Maxie E. Prentice, b. c. 1902, AR or TX

8. James Prentice, b. 1851, De Kalb Co., TN, and d. 3 Aug 1933, age 82; buried Odd Fellows Cem., Baxter, TN.

He married, first, Martha Wallace of Bedford C., TN on 22 Sep 1870. She was the daughter of Josiah Wallace of Bedford Co., TN. Children:

  1. Frances Elizabeth Prentice, b. Apr 1872 in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 1956, age 84 years.She had four sons and three daughters with James T. Hamilton between 1888 and 1913. He was b. Sep 18167. Children per Ancestry.com:
    1. James Harvey Hamilton
    2. Emmie A Hamilton
    3. Oliver Hamilton
    4. John Hamilton
    5. Willie H Hamilton
    6. Martha A Hamilton
    7. Josie Hamilton
  2. Mary J. Prentice, b. 10 Oct 1875, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. there. She m Bird S. Puckett on 5 Oct 1893, in Putnam Co. TN. Son:
    1. Otto Puckett, b. 24 Jan 1895, in Silver Point, TN, and d. He d. 14 May 1963, in Akron, OH, at the age of 68.He had five sons and two daughters with Oda Harris. Oda Harris was born on 17 Dec 1895, in Putnam Co., TN. They had five sons and two daughters. She d. 30 Oct 1984, in Barberton, OH at the age of 88, and was buried in Akron, Ohio. Children:
      1. Ray Monroe Puckett
      2. Leonard Byrd "Bud" Puckett
      3. Carl Willard Puckett
      4. Frank Smith Puckett
      5. Billy B Puckett
      6. Private
      7. Private
  3. Josephine Prentice, "Josie", b. Sep 1879 or 18 Feb 1879, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 12 Mar 1918, in Smithville, TN at the age of 39. She m. Robert Wesley Kinnaird on 24 Dec 1894, in Putnam Co., TN, according to an Ancestry.com listing, but the 1900 census shows him as single and he does not appear in the 1910 and later census. He was b. 23 Oct 1869, in Putnam Co., TN. He died on 9 Jan 1958, in Jackson Co., TN, at the age of 88. No children shown in census records. Josephine m. 2nd William Love. He was b. 19 Mar 1871, in De Kalb Co., TN.
  4. Caroline Prentice, b. 25 Apr 1881, in Putnam Co., T, and d. 25 Feb 1930, in De Kalb Co., TN, at the age of 48, and was buried in Silver Point, TN. She married Lester Lee "Lee" Ashburn on 18 Sep 1898, in Silver Point, TN. Lester Lee Ashburn "Lee" was born on 27 Jun 1867, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 12 Jul 1920, in Nashville, TN at the age of 53, and was buried in Silver Point, TN.They had eight children:
    1. Ernest Cecil Ashburn
    2. Maud Mae Ashburn
    3. James Leo "Leo" Ashburn
    4. Vera Dee Ashburn
    5. Don Carlos Ashburn Sr. "Carlos"
    6. Stanford Clyde Ashburn "Clyde"
    7. Roy B Ashburn
    8. Dau. Ashburn
  5. James Munroe Prentice, b. 14 Apr 1884 at Buffalo Valley, TN and lived near Ramer, TN. Buffalo Valley lies about 10-15 miles north of Smithville where Robert Prentice was living at the time of the 1840 and 1850 Dekalb County, TN census. James d. 1969 (per Aubrey “Buzz” Prentice).

    He m. 1st Susan Frances Coleman, b. Mar. 1888. She was the dau. of Zachariah Taylor Coleman and Susan J. Stewart. Sioving with family of son, Paschal, in 1940 census. Children:

    1. Fred Ray Prentice (1904-1977), Selmer, Tennessee. He m. Ms. Curtis and then Ms. Hunter.
    2. Arby C. Prentice b. 24 Mar 1906, in Putnam Co., TN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8a]
    3. Mary Eileen Prentice "Eileen" b. 17 Oct 1907, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 20 Sep 1985, in Hayti, MO, at the age of 77. She m. Emmette C. Walker on July 2, 1925, in AR. He was b. 27 Mar 1905, in Pemiscot Co., MO. 1930, 1940 in McNairy Co., TN, a farmer with an 8th grade education. Children.
      1. Willard Walker, b. c. 1923, TN. 1930 at home.
      2. Dorothy J. Walker. b. c. 1929, TN. 1930 at home.
      3. Betty Sue Walker, b. 1 Sep 1930, in Dyer Co., TN, and d. 30 Sug 1999, in Cape Girardeau, MO, at the age of 68. She m. but unknown if she had children.
    4. Carmel Prentice "Clemma". She was b. 1 Nov 1909, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 6 Jan 1934, at the age of 24, perhaps in childbirth. She married John A. Pappathanasion, b. 1897, on 13 Mar 1929, in St. Louis Co., MO. Not in 1930 or 1940 census.
    5. Paschal "Pat" Lamar Prentice "Pat", b. 24 May 1911, in Putnam Co.. TN and d. 2 Feb 1951, in St. Louis Co., MO, at the age of 39. He m. Vesta Hogue 1940 in St. Louis, MO, a cook with a 7th grade education. No children.

    (#iv) James m. 2nd Maggie May "Maggie" Delaney on 2 Nov 1932. No children. They lived in Silver Point, TN. Children:

    1. Martha Susan Prentice, "Susie" b. Mar 1888 and d. She died on April 2, 1924, in Silver Point, Tennessee, at the age of 35. She m. Bradley Ladell Carr in DeKalb Co. on 14 Sep 1910. He died on July 5, 1958, in Fayette, Kentucky, at the age of 77, and was buried in Ashland, KY. Children:
      1. Vallie Carr, daughter.
      2. Joel Stephen Carr.
    2. Martin Bradley Prentice, b. Dec. 1889. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8.20]
    3. Lonnie D. Prentice, son, b. Sep 1891 or 29 Apr 1894, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 24 Jul 1961, in Davidson, TN at the age of 67, and was buried there. He married Daisy Webb on 12 Apr 1913. They had two sons during their marriage:
      1. Clarence Prentice, b. 1914 in Putnam Co., TN.
      2. Virgil Prentice, b. 3 Dec 1915, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. a month later on 14 Jan 1916.
    4. Erma M. Prentice, b. 1897 and d. 1917 of TB and buried in the Christian Cem. in Putnam Co.
    5. (perhaps) Betty Prentice, mentioned in an old family Bible.
    6. (perhaps) Carolyn Prentice, mentioned in an old family Bible.

    James married 3rd Amanda Brassell, b. 1851. Robert and his family were still living in DeKalb County where they appear in the 1850 census.

    1. James Henry Prentice "Henry." b. 14 Jun 1915, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 6 Feb 1996, in St. Louis Co., MO, at the age of 80. 1940 living with brother, Paschal. He m. Ms. Davis.
    2. Dulcie Modema Prentice, b. 11 Feb 1921, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. there a year later on 25 Aug 1922.
  6. 8.20 Martin Bradley Prentice or Bradley Martin Prentice, b. Dec. 1889,TN. 1940 in Fort Sumner, De Baca Co., NM.

    He m. Gladys Leona Sutton. Children:

    1. Ralph Bradley Prentice, b. 27 Aug 1918, TN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8.21]
    2. Neil James Prentice, b. 7 Mar 1921, Tolbert, Wilbarger Co., TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8.22]
    3. Ross L. Prentice, b. 30 Mar 1923, Medicine Mound, TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8.30]
    4. Erma Mae Prentice, b. 20 Feb 1925, Tolbert, TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8.40]
    5. Floyd Wayne Prentice, "Pete," b. 20 Mar 1928, Hockley Co., TXand d. 2 Jun 2006, Robert Lee, Coke Co., TX. He m. Nell and had 1 son and 3 daughters.
    6. Marilyn Janese Prentice, b. 13 Jun 1930, Hockley Co., TX, and d. in Abilene, Taylor Co., TX. She m. Mr. Alexander She also m. Mr. Allen and in 2011 lived in Big Springs, TX. She had 2 daughters.
    7. Melvin Ray Prentice, aka "Little Pete," b. 25 Jan 1933, Sumner, De Baca Co., NM, and d. in Buffalo Gap, Tyler Co., TX. He m. Velma and in 2011 lived in Buffalo Gap, TX. They had 2 sons.
    8. 2 more children per obit of Ross, above, #8.20iii)

    8.21 Ralph Bradley Prentice, b. 27 Aug 1918, TN, and d. 25 Apr 2003, Abilene, Taylor Co., TX. Bur. Buffalo Gap Cem., TX. Served in Army in WW II.

    He m. Louise , b. 1 May 19266, Beeville, TX, dau. of G. A. and Marie Glasgow Fisher. Her obituary reads as follows:

      Louise Prentice: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice, Abilene Reporter-News (TX) - Monday, July 11, 2011.

      Louise Prentice, 85, of Abilene, passed away on Saturday, July 9, 2011. Louise was born on May 1, 1926, in Beeville, Texas to G.A. and Marie Glasgow Fisher. She and Ralph B.

      Prentice were married in 1945 and remained married for fifty-eight years. She was a homemaker, seamstress and loved to garden. Louise loved her children and grandchildren. She loved to dress up, make her own clothes, as well as clothes for the dolls, play board games and make paper dolls.

      Louise was preceded in death by her husband, her parents, and one brother, Foy Gene Fisher.

      She is survived by two sons: Ralph Prentice and wife, Donna of North Richland Hills and Ronnie Prentice and wife Betty of Mesquite; one brother, Billy Fisher of Chamberlain, South Dakota and one sister, Patricia Ann Bigbee of Merkel; Five grandchildren: Lee Alan Prentice, Justina Ash, Renae Ritchie, Rodney Prentice, Stephanie Clark; and eight great-grandchildren.

      A private family service will be held at a later date. Arrangements are being made by North's Funeral Home, 242 Orange Street.Online condolences can be made at www.northsfuneralhome. com.

    Children of Ralph and Louise:

    1. Ralph Prentice. He m. Donna and 2011 in North Richland Hills, TX.
    2. Ronnie Prentice. He m. Betty and 2011 in Mesquite, TX.

    8.22 Neil James Prentice, b. 7 Mar 1921, Tolbert, Wilbarger Co., TX, and d. 15 Mar 2000, Regional Medical Center, Manchester, IA. Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery near Colesburg, with military rites. Served in Army in WW II. 1940 a Truck Driver with a 7th grade education. His obituary reads as follows:

      Gazette, The (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, IA) - Friday, March 17, 2000: Neil James Prentice

      Neil James Prentice,81, died Wednesday, March 15, 2000, in Regional Medical Center, Manchester, after a long illness with cancer. Memorial services: 10 a.m. Saturday, First United Methodist Church, Colesburg, by the Rev. Doug Williams. Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery near Colesburg, with military rites. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. today at the church, where a Sharing of Memories service begins at 7 p.m. Arrangements are with Leonard Funeral Home, Edgewood.

      Survivors include his wife, Jean; two sons, Neil Moritz of Humboldt and Steve Moritz of Edgewood; and a daughter, Linda Salow of Edgewood.

    He m., as her 2nd husband, Jean Sula, b. c. 1924 and d. 27 Jan 2010, in or near Ceder Rapids-Iowa City, IA. Her obituary reads as follows:

      Jean Sula Prentice: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice, Gazette, The (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, IA) - Thursday, January 28, 2010.

      Jean Sula Prentice, 86, of Colesburg, died Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010, at the Edgewood Convalescent Home.

      Survivors include her children, Neil (Mary) Moritz of Humboldt, Steve (Linda) Moritz of Edgewood and Linda (Ted) Bush of Manchester; 11 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; and two brothers-in-law, Howard Rentschler of Edgewood and Malin Schultz of Monona.

      Jean was preceded in death by her husbands, Alan Moritz and Neil Prentice; her parents; one sister, Marie Rentschler; and one great-granddaughter, Lydia Rose Moritz.

      >Services: 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the United Methodist Church in Colesburg with Rev. Allen Craft officiating. Inurnment: Oak Hill Cemetery, Colesburg.Online condolences may be sent to www.leonard- mullerfh.com. Memorial may be directed to Oak Hill Cemetery.

    Neil and Jean apparently had no children since those mentioned in her obitary appear to be those of a prior marriage to Alan Moritz.

    8.30 Ross L. Prentice, b. 30 Mar 1923, Medicine Mound, TX, and d. 30 Dec 2011, Roswell, NM. His obituary reads as follows:

      Ross L. Prentice: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice, Roswell Daily Record (NM) - Sunday, January 8, 2012.

      No services are scheduled for longtime Roswell resident Ross L. Prentice, who passed away Friday, Dec. 30, 2011, at age 88. He was born March 30, 1923, in Medicine Mound, Texas, one of nine children, to Bradley and Gladys Prentice.

      He joined the Navy during World War II, achieved the rank of cockswain and navigated the landing boats for many Pacific frontal assault landings. While assigned to the troop transport ship USS Sheridan, he operated pom-pom guns in defense against Kamikaze attacks.

      Ross had married his high school sweetheart Doris Olabel Pannell in November 1942. After the war ended, Ross and his wife had a daughter, Katharine and the three traveled throughout New Mexico while he worked operating a bulldozer with road construction crews, laying the first mountain roads in northern New Mexico. In 1952, the family moved to Roswell, where he became a mechanic at the Roswell Body Shop. A few years later, he took a position as sales representative for the Hoover Company and very successfully sold a large line of Hoover products throughout southern New Mexico for many years.

      After retiring from Hoover, Ross started flying lessons, one of his favorite activities. Combining his body shop experience with the flight instructor's knowledge, the two built a small, beautiful two-seat airplane in his backyard workshop. Ross' flying training continued and he ultimately graduated to flying larger planes, which he enjoyed immensely. He also stayed active by walking, bicycling and working in his yard and garden.

      Ross is survived by his loving wife of 69 years Doris Olabel Prentice; daughter Katharine Thompson and her husband Jerry, of Camarillo, Calif.; two grandchildren, Derrick Thompson and his wife Nicole, of Ruidoso, and Dalaney Thompson and Chip Gill, of Camarillo; four great-grandchildren, Hunter and Kayla Thompson and Saranna and Violet Gill; two sisters, Marilyn Alexander and Irma Horton; and one brother Little Pete (Melvin) Prentice.

      Arrangements have been entrusted to Ballard Funeral Home and Crematory. An online registry can be accessed at ballardfuneralhome.com.

    He m. Doris Olabel Pannell in November 1942. Living in 2011,Roswell, NM. Daughter:

    1. Katharine Thompson and her husband Jerry, of Camarillo, CA in 2011. Children:
      1. Derrick Thompson and his wife Nicole, of Ruidoso, NM.
      2. Dalaney Thompson and Chip Gill, of Camarillo, NM.

    8.40 Erma Mae Prentice, b. 20 Feb 1925, Tolbert, TX, and d. 16 Oct 2013, Cleveland, OK. Her obituary reads as follows:

      Biography Erma Mae Whorton was born February 20, 1925, in Tolbert, Texas. She was the daughter of Bradley Martin and Gladys Leona (Sutton) Prentice.

      Erma moved at an early age with her family to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where she was raised and attended school, graduating from Fort Sumner High School with the Class of 1943.

      She was married to Thomas Stevens Whorton on May 15, 1943, shortly after graduating in Fort Sumner. Three days after their marriage, Tom shipped out overseas to the India-Burma Theater during World War II.

      Upon Tom's honorable discharge, the couple established their home in the Tucumcari, New Mexico, area where they raised their family. During this time Tom was the foreman for the Triple M Ranch and Erma was a homemaker. She would start out her day preparing breakfast for the ranch hands and then clean, iron and wash clothes prior to preparing lunch and dinner. The children had nearly a fifty-mile ride to and from school each day. In 1963, Tom and Erma relocated the family to Osage County when they resided on the Triple M ranch near Wild Horse and Prue. While living in Prue, Erma served as a custodian for the Prue Schools for many years. She was also a member of the First Baptist Church in Prue and the Homemakers Club. Erma would leave this message to her family and friends,"count your blessings, enjoy life, and don't judge others. Be satisfied with what you have and live within your means." She was proud of raising her three hard working and honest children which all made her very happy. She loved all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and considered herself blessed by living close to them. Some of her fondest memories included: keeping Sarrah when she was little; birthday dinners and Christmas with the family; and also taking care of Jason and Tracy when they were little. She often said that her parents and her husband's parents had the greatest effect on her life. She enjoyed country and gospel music. Her hobbies included crafts, tole painting, huck weaving, sewing and cooking. Erma enjoyed her trips to Branson with her brothers and their wives, her family, her grandkids and her friends, Edith, Kathleen, Patsy, Helen and Evarae, and also family dinners.

      Survivors are her three children Tom Whorton and wife Patti of Prue, Oklahoma. Peggy Troutman and husband, Bobby of Prue, Oklahoma, and Steve Whorton of Prue, Oklahoma; three grandchildren Jason and wife Amanda, Tracy and wife Tiffany, and Sarrah; eight great-grandchildren: Eric, Clay, C. J, Jackson, Austin, Emily, Ashlyn and Gracie; brother, Melvin and wife Velma Prentice of Buffalo Gap, Texas; sister, Marilyn Allen of Big Springs, Texas: two brothers-in-law Rusty Whorton and wife Jeannie of Temple, Texas and Clyde Whorton of Dumas, Texas; sisters-in-law, Mary Edwards of Lubbock, Texas, Betty Upton of Melrose, New Mexico, Emmalee Prentice of San Angelo, Texas and Vivian Prentice of Rolla, Missouri.

      Erma was preceded in death by her husband, Tom Whorton; father, Bradley Martin Prentice; mother, Gladys Leona Prentice; four brothers, Ralph Prentice and wife Louise, Ross Prentice and wife Olabel, Floyd Prentice and Neil Prentice.

      Funeral services will be held at 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 18, 2013, at the First Baptist Church in Prue with Rev. Garry McDevitt and Rev. Sherman Jaquess officiating. . Musical selections will be provided by Cornbread Country. Serving as pallbearers are her grandsons Coleton Kulla, C. J. Troutman, Clay Troutman, Eric Troutman, Tracy Troutman, and Jason Whorton. Friends may share a memory with the family at the funeral home or online at www.chapman-black.com. Burial will be at the Prairie View Cemetery in Prue under the direction of the Chapman-Black Funeral Home. Facts Born: February 20, 1925 Death: October 16, 2013 Services Church Service Saturday October 19, 2013, 10:00 AM at First Baptist Church in Prue, OK Click for Map and Directions Guestbook

    She m. Thomas Stevens Whorton. He d. before 2011 Son:

    1. Tom Whorton. He m. Patti and lived in Prue, OK.
    2. Peggy Whorton. She m. Bobby Troutman of Prue, OK
    3. Steve Whorton of Prue, OK.

James married 2nd Amanda Brassell, b. 1851. Robert and his family were still living in DeKalb County where they appear in the 1850 census.

8a. Arby C. Prentice, #8(a)(2) above, b. 24 Mar 1906, in Putnam Co., TN, and d. 15 Jun 1988, in Caruthersville, MO at the age of 82. They had six children during their marriage.

He m. Edith Laverne Craig He m. Edith Levern Craig "Lavern" on December 4, 1926. She was b.18 Feb 1910, in Brighton, TN, and d. 5 Jan 1996, in California City, CA, at the age of 85.. They had six children:

  1. Doris Pauline (Mendenhall) Prentice
  2. Bobby Glenn Prentice, b. 10 May 1932, in Tipton Co. TN., and d. 19 Feb 1970, at the age of 37. He m. 10 Oct 953, in Pemiscot Co., MO. 2 Children.
  3. Mildred Carmine (Sanders) Prentice
  4. Jimmie Earl Prentice
  5. Arby C. Prentice, Jr. "Buzz". He was b. 16 Nov 1939, in Pascola, MO, and d. 12 Apr 2011, in West Plains, MO, at the age of 71. He m. Unknown on 27 Oct 2007, in Willow Springs, Mo. He also had two daughters from another relationship.
  6. Patsy Nell Prentice, b. 26 Aug 1941, in Pemiscot Co., MO, and d. 3 Mar 2004, in Redlands, CA, at the age of 62, and was buried in Riverside, CA. She married Michael Deward Warren Jr. and they had one daughter together. She then married Merle Charles Page on October 22, 1977, in Los Angeles County, California.

9. George Washington Prentice was b. c. 1857, Tennessee and d. before 1930 where his wife appears as a widow. His father was b. in MI and mother in TN. 1870, Putnam Co., TN. 1920 in Concord, Pemiscot Co., MO. He was a farmer.

Her m. Rosa/Rosia Laster on 27 Aug 1899, Pemiscot Co., MO., b. 5 Apr 1880, Alamo, TN, and d. 22 Feb 1946, Memphis, Shelby, TN, widow, and bur. Blytheville, AR. Parents were William Laster and Fannie Bell Avry. Both parents b. in TN. Children per 1020 census:

  1. George Robert Prentice, b. 8 Aug 1901, Tyler, Pemiscot Co., MO, and d. 24 Aug 1977, Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co., MO. He m. Pearl May Forbus, b. 3 Jun 1908, Tyler, Pemiscot Co., MO, and d. 29 Apr 1980, Steele, Pemiscot Co., MO. 1930 at home in Pemiscot, Pemiscot Co., MO. Daughter
    1. Ethel Prentice, b. c. 1923, MO. 1930 at home in Pemiscot, Pemiscot Co., MO.
    2. Lonnie Martin Prentice, b. 5 Jun 1905, Pemiscot Co., MO, and d. 11 Nov 1947, Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. He m. Bertha Pool, b. Dec 1899. AR. 1940 in Dyess, Mississippi Co., AR.
    3. Ona Belle Prentice, b. c. 1908, AR. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri.
    4. Fronia Mae Prentice, b. 6 Jan 1910, Twist, Cross Co., AR, and d. 21 Oct 1994, Keiser, Mississippi Co., AR. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. She m. Thomas Galton Amos (1902-1943). Daughter:
      1. Mae Bell Amos (1928-2000)
    5. Walter Prentice or John Walter Prentice, b. c. 1913, AR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [10]
    6. Wilburn Prentice, b. 20 Jul 1915, TN, and d. 16 Feb 1998, Lynnville, Giles Co., TN. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. 1930 in Hector, Mississippi Co., AR. 1940 in Rural, Giles Co., TN, a laborer with an 8th grade education. He m. Dixie Juanita Staggs (1915-1998). Children per 1940 census:
      1. June Prentice, b. c. 1935, WA. 1940 at home.
      2. Edna Lou Prentice, b. c. 1937, TN. 1940 at home.
    7. Mildred Prentice, b. c. 1916, AR. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. 1930 in Hector, Mississippi Co., AR. 1940 not in census.
    8. Delbert Prentice, b. c. 1918, AR. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. 1930 in Hector, Mississippi Co., AR. 1940 at home in Monroe, Mississippi Co., AR.
    9. Reuben B. Prentice, b. 16 Dec 1919, MO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [11]

    10. Walter Prentice or John Walter Prentice, b. c. 1913, AR. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. 1930 in Hector, Mississippi Co., AR. 1940 not in census.

    He m. Louise Kilburn. Children per obit. of their son, W. L. Prentice:

    1. Patsy Prentice. Died before 2011.
    2. W. L. Prentice, b. 12 Dec 1942, Mississippi Co., AR, and d. 8 Dec 2011 Palestine, AR. His obituary reads as follows:

        W .L. Prentice: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice, Jonesboro Sun, The (AR) - Sunday, December 11, 2011

        PALESTINE - W.L. Prentice of Palestine passed from this life on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011, at age 68. He was born on Dec. 12, 1942, in Mississippi County. He was of the Full Gospel faith and a retired farmer.

        He was preceded in death by son, Richie Prentice; sister, Patsy Prentice; brother, Jimmy Kilburn; and parents, Walt Prentice and Louise and J.C. Kilburn.

        He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Nan Prentice; children, Ken Prentice, Tim and Tracy Prentice, all of Palestine, and Susie and Tim Martin of Osceola; six grandsons, Tim, Josh, and Richie Prentice of Palestine and T.J., Chris and Coty Martin of Osceola; and eight great-grandchildren.

        Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Twin Assembly of God in Palestine with burial following in Marianna Memorial Park. Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. Monday at Roller-Citizens Funeral Home in Marianna. Online registry: www.rollerfuneralhomes.com

      He m. Nan. Children:

      1. William Richard Prentice, b. c. 1973, probably AR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [10.1]
      2. Ken Prentice. 1992 in Marianna, TN.
      3. Tim Prentice. 1992 in Marianna, TN. 2011 in Palestine, AR. He m. Tracy.
      4. Susie Prentice. She m. Tim Martin. 1992 Blytheville, TN. In 2011 lived in Osceola, AR.

    Also appearing in George's household is Mary Prentice, b. c. 1852. For more about a possible second marriage, see "George Washington Prentice" at PrenticeNet.com.

    10.1 William Richard Prentice, b. c. 1973 and d. 13 Jun 1992, age 19, St. Francis River Landing, Marianna, TN. Bur. Marianna Mem. Park. His obituary reads as follows:

      Commercial Appeal, The (Memphis, TN) — Tuesday, June 16, 1992:

      MARIANNA - William Richard Prentice, 19, died Saturday at St. Francis River Landing. Mr. Prentice, the husband of Christine Prentice, also leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Prentice of Marianna; a sister, Susie Martin of Blytheville, and two brothers, Tim Prentice and Ken Prentice, both of Marianna.

      Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at First United Methodist Church, where he was a member, with burial in Marianna Memorial Park. Roller- Citizens Funeral Home has charge.

    He m.Christine. No children; he was only 19 when he died.

    11. Rueben B. Prentice, b. 16 Dec 1919, MO, and d. 6 Nov 1992, Keiser, Mississippi Co., AR. 1920 Concord, Pemiscot, Missouri. 1930 in Hector, Mississippi Co., AR. 1940 at home with wife in Monroe, Mississippi Co., AR. His obituary reads as follows:

      Commercial Appeal, The (Memphis, TN) — Saturday, November 7, 1992: Mr Ruben Prentice, 72

      MARIE - Ruben Prentice, 72, retired truck driver, died Friday at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Osceola. Services will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Roller-Swift Funeral Home with burial in Mississippi County Memory Gardens. He was a World War II veteran.

      Mr. Prentice leaves a daughter, Sharon Abbott of Clarkston, Mich.; two sons, Ruben Prentice Jr. of Horn Lake and John Prentice of Osceola; two sisters, Mildred Waltrip and Pronia Coleman, both of Keiser, 10 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

    He m. Louise, b. c. 1918, AR. They had 1 or more children, including:

    1. Sharron Prentice. She m. Mr. Abbott. 1992 in Clarkston, MI.
    2. John Mack Prentice. 1992 in Hernando, TN.
    3. Reuben Prentice Jr., b. c. 1942 and d. 28 Aug 1999, Horn Lake, MS. His obituary reads as follows:

        Commercial Appeal, The (Memphis, TN) - Wednesday, September 1, 1999: REUBEN B. PRENTICE JR.

        REUBEN B. PRENTICE JR., 57, of Horn Lake, Miss., retired truck driver for Transport South, died of lung disease Sunday at his home.

        Mr. Prentice, the husband of Jeannie Prentice, also leaves three daughters, Bridgette Marie House of Horn Lake, Robin Renee Padgett of Marion, Ark., and Tracy Hudson Salerno of San Diego; two sons, Mitchell A. Prentice of Bartlett and Bobby Hudson of Horn Lake; a sister, Sharron Abbott of Clarkston, Mich.; a brother, Johnny Mack Prentice of Hernando, and seven grandchildren.

        Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Brantley Funeral Home of Olive Branch, Miss., with burial in Autumn Woods Memorial Park there. He was a member of Bethel Baptist Church.

      He m. Jeannie. Children:

      1. Bridgette Marie Pretice. She m.Mr. House and in 1999 lived in Horn Lake, MS.
      2. Robin Renee Prentice. She m. Mr. Padgett and in 1999 lived in Marion, AR,
      3. Tracy Hudson (step-daughter?). 1999 lived in San Diego, CA.
      4. Mitchell A. Prentice. 1999 in Bartlett, MS.
      5. Bobby Hudson (step-son?). 1999 in Horn Lake; MS.

    Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

    Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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