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Perez Prentice of Stonington, CT.

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Perez Prentice of Stonington, CT
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2009 and Revised 20 Dec 2016

Update of 20 Dec 2016: This article has now been replaced by the material in our Thomas Prentice eBook.

1. Perez Prentice, according to Binney’s 1883 ed. at pg. 335, was born at Stonington, CT in 1773. However, an 1810 Hinsburg, Chittenden, VT census from Bill Semeyn in his letter of 30 Dec 1996, says Perez was born before 1765, and the Dickinson, Franklin, NY census of 1840 indicates he was born between 1750-60. Perez died at the home of his son, Amos, in Dickinson, Franklin Co., NY after 1840.

Perez' roots are unclear:

    Samuel Prentice and Esther Hammond: Although no such link has yet been established, all Stonington families so far traced have been traced to Samuel and Esther: (1) Binney's 1883 edition shows Samuel had a son, Jonas Prentice, b. 9 Feb 1742 for whom no marriage or death is shown. (2) For Samuel's son, John, Binney's 1883 edition shows 3 children born between 1758 and 1769, but has a gap in children listed for the 15 years between 1769 and 1784 when John's wife died at the age of about 50.

    Valentine Prentice Descendant: In a footnote on page 336 of the 1883 edition, Binney quotes Samuel Edward Prentiss of Cleveland, OH expressing the opinion that Perez's son, Orange Benton Prentice was a cousin of George Denison Prentice. From that, Binney inferred Perez may be a son of Joseph Prentice, a descendant of Valentine Prentice, and his wife, Mary Wheeler; that seems unlikely since Mary, born in 1701, would have been 72 when Perez was born. Perez's son, Orange Benton Prentice’s letter of 1876 said he "thought" his grandfather (apparently meaning Perez's father) was Valentine Prentice and spelled his father’s name as Peris. With the name Valentine, and if Orange was correct, Perez would almost certainly be a descendant of the Valentine who immigrated in 1631. The only known Valentine Prentice in a possible time frame to be Perez’ father would be the Valentine Prentice born in Woobury on 16 Mar 1745/6 (pg. 418, #8) but he would not appear old enough to be Perez’ father and he has no known children named Perez or Stanton (see next paragraph)..

    Other clues: On that same page 336 footnote, Binney quotes Mrs. Harriet Potter, a daughter of Perez, as saying Perez had a brother named Stanton Prentice. An unidentified Stanton Prentice, born 1760-75, appears in the 1820 Greene, Chenango Co., NY census (see John P. Prentice, page 455, above).

Whoever his parents may have been, Perez was a blacksmith, a trade he learned in New London, CT. The name of his first wife is unknown. Children:

  1. John Prentiss. He lived in Ohio according to Harriet (Prentiss) Potter.

He married, 2nd, Rebecca Benton of Wethersfield, CT about 1800, b. 1773. An Ancestor Chart for her can be found at Ancestry.com .

Rebecca was a sister of Thomas Hart Benton of Wethersfield. Perez and Rebecca went to Hinesburg, Chittenden Co., VT. His daughter, Harriet (Prentiss) Potter, born 1804, indicates, in a letter apparently addressed to Binney, that the family moved to New York State about 1805. Children by his second wife:

  1. Orange Benton Prentiss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]
  2. Harriet Prentiss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]
  3. Amos Prentiss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4]
  4. Julia A. Prentiss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5]
  5. Emily Prentiss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [6]

2. Orange Benton Prentiss, b. 1807 in Chittenden Co., VT. Farmer. He married Nancy Wilkens on 10 Oct 1839 in Cole Co., MO. Nancy was b. in Macon Co., NC on 14 Mar 1818 and was the dau. of John Wilkins and Mary Love who were m. in Macon Co., NC. There were 12 Wilkins children John Wilkins and his family moved to Cole Co., MO where John died in the Fall of 1844. 9 of the 12 Wilkins children can be found living in TX by 1844; 3 of the Wilkins children are buried with their parents at Shady Grove Cemetery. (Per Judy Warren, email, 9 Jun 2001)

    Note: Judy Warren is a descendant of John Wilkins' daughter, Resina Wilkins. Her email of 9 Jun 2001 adds additional information about the Wilkins family. Her email reads, in part, as follows: The trail of John and Mary Wilkins starts (for me at least) in Macon County, NC. There John can be found listed on the census along with four other Wilkins families. I believe that David and Isaac were brothers but William and Jonathan were his sons and a son-in-law, James Thompson, who married Elizabeth Wilkins is also listed on that census. Shortly thereafter John and his family must have departed the area.

    Marriage records for the Wilkins children started appearing in Missouri in the early 1830's. Two of the sons were married in Miller County next to Cole and another daughter, Letty, married a Daniel Lovell. John Wilkins died in 1844 in Cole County. I believe that by this time William the oldest Wilkins son and probably George were already in Texas. Mary packed her bags and the younger children and along with Orange Prentiss and her sons, Matthew, Jonathan and Isaac headed for Texas. Only Elizabeth Thompson, Letty Lovell and a son, also named John, cannot be found here.

    The estate settlement for John Wilkins leads me to believe that he held a considerable amount of property in Cole County at the time of his death.

Family tradition relates the following anecdote: Orange's father, Perez, offered Orange a trip around the world not to marry Nancy Wilkins. Prange refused, so Perez gave Orange a horse and saddle and told him to leave. Orange married Nancy anyway.

Orange and Nancy moved to Texas as part of the Mercer Colony. That list shows their arrival on 24 Dec 1844. They joined the Baptist Church in Strickling, Burnet (formerly Hunt) County in 1848 and lived there. Strickling, is located about 8 miles Northwest of Bertram, Texas on FM1174.

    Note: By email of 22 Feb 2006, Jeff Jackson of Lampasas, TX, a descendant living about 20 miles north of Strickling, advises that "...The only thing left of the Strickling community is a Texas Historical Marker."

Orange Benton Prentiss was a farmer. Orange is listed among the early-day settlers in the 1860s of Shady Grove, Burnet County, Texas. Shady Grove is a rural community on FM 1174 nine miles northeast of Burnet. It got its name for the grove of live oak trees where the school and cemetery were located.

Orange died of a heart attack in Strickling, Burnet Co., TX on June 24, 1879. Nancy was living with her son, Amos, in the 1900 Burnett Co., TX census. Orange and Nancy are buried at Shady Grove Cemetery just North of Bertram in Burnet County. Children:

  1. Perez Prentiss, b. 22 Oct 1840, d. a year later on 6 Oct 1841,

  2. Rezina “Zina” Prentiss, b. 2 Feb 1842, MO & d. 28 Sep 1924, Burnet Co.; m. 11 Aug 1861 Anson Robinson who died c. 1943. No children.

  3. John Walter Prentiss, b. 25 Dec 1846, MO;. He m. Marcella Boyce on 7 Jun 1871. 1880 census in Pct. 2 & 7, Burnet,TX. 1882 in Strickling. 1900 census in Justice Precinct 3, Lampasas Co., TX. In 1910 Brown Co., TX census. She was b. c. 1847. Children:
    1. Hattie Prentiss, b. c. 1872, TX. At home in 1900.
    2. Walter Prentiss, b. c. 1875, TX. At home in 1880. Not home in 1900 and may be the Walter Prentiss who appears in the 1900 census in Oldam Co., TX, single, b. Jun 1873, TX.
    3. Edna Prentiss, b. c. 1877, TX. At home in 1880. Not home in 1900.
    4. Samuel Prentiss, b. Aug 1879, TX. At home in 1880 and 1900. He is likely the Samuel E. Prentiss who appears in the 1920 Tarrent Co., TX census with his wife, Rennie, b. c. 1887, MO, and children:
      1. Elmo Prentiss, b. c. 1907, KS. He is probably the Elmo Green Prentice who m. Angela Smith and had:
        1. Elmo G. Prentice, b. 5 Feb 1933, Harrison Co., TX
      2. Clara Prentiss, b. c. 1909, OK. At home in 1920.
      3. Audra Prentiss, b. c. 1912, TX. At home in 1920.
      4. Lester Prentiss, b. c. 1915, TX. At home in 1920.
    5. Marcie(?) Prentiss, b. Feb 1882, TX. At home in 1900 census.

  4. Amos Prentiss, b. 20 Feb 1846, TX; was in Strickling in 1882. Did not marry. Died 8 Mar 1905, age 59 years, bur. Shady Grove Cem., Burnet Co., TX.

  5. Meredith H. Prentiss, b. 17 May 1848, TX, and d. 14 Sep 1876. He. m. Emily Greer on 21 Nov 1875 and d. the following year in 1876, age 28 years. Emily appears in the 1880 Zarvalla Co., TX census with her children:
    1. Louisa Prentiss, b. c. 1876-77, TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [7]
    2. Walter Prentiss, b. c. 1876-68, TX. He is probably the Walter L. Prentiss, b. c. 1876, TX who appears in the 1920 Elmore Co., ID census
    3. (perhaps) George Prentice. He had 4 children, including a Dorothy Prentice who m. Mr. Roosevelt. (per Lori Brockmeyer, email, 17 Apr 2003)

  6. Olive "Ollie" Prentiss, b. 1 Aug 1850, Hunt Co., TX, and d. 4 Nov 1926. She m. Hugh M. Murphy on 1 or 2 Sep 1868. He was b. c. 1851, TX. Farmer. They appear in the 1880 and 1900 census in Pct. 2 & 7, Burnet Co., TX. Not in 1910 census. Children:
    1. Myra Murphy, b. c. 1871, TX. At home in 1880.
    2. Hettie Murphy, b. c. 1874, TX. At home in 1880.
    3. William/Willie Murphy, b. c. 1875, TX. At home in 1880. Not home in 1900.
    4. Herbert Murphy, b. c. 1878, TX. At home in 1880 and 1900.
    5. Daisey Murphy, b. c. 1882, TX. At home in 1900.
    6. Oliver P Murphy, b. c. 1885, TX. At home in 1900.
    7. Jewel Murphy, b. c. 1892, TX. At home in 1900.

  7. George W. Prentiss, b. 24 Jun 1852, Burnet Co., TX & d. 29 Mar 1898, age 46 years. Bur. Shady Grove. He m. Mary E. Hall on 17 Jun 1883, Burnet Co, TX. In the 1900 census, Mary was a widow living with the family of her sister, Amanda Hall, in Burnet, Burnet Co., TX. with her daughter:
    1. Annie Prentiss, b. Nov 1886, TX. At home in Burnet, TX, in 1900 census.

  8. Adam T. Prentiss, b. 1 Jan 1855, Burnet Co., TX; d. 19 May 1862, age 7 years.

  9. Emily “Emma” Hattie Prentiss, b. 4 Apr 1857, Burnet Co., TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8]

  10. Louisa V. Prentiss, b. 18 Jul 1859, Burnet Co., TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [9]
  11. Matthew Truitt Prentiss (click on link) `

3. Harriet Prentice (dau. of Perez Prentiss), born 1804. She was a year old when, about 1805, her family moved to Hinesburg, VT and quite young when the family later moved to New York State. In 1820, at 16, she married Levi Conger, and lived 15 years with him before he died at age 35. Three years later, about 1838, she married, 2nd, Sylvester Potter, who died 5 Aug 1866 at age 40. She lived at Brush's Mills, Franklin Co., NY.

4. Amos Prentiss (son of Perez Prentiss). According to 1840 census information, Amos was living in Dickinson, Franklin Co., NY, 4 miles north of St. Regis Falls, & later Wisconsin. 1840 family information is:

 males	1	5-10 (1830-35)		females 2	0-5 (1835-40)
	1	20-30 (1810-20) (Amos)	             1	5-10 (1830-35)
	1	80-90 (1750-60)		             1	20-30 (1810-20)
					             1	60-70 (1770-80)

Information provided by Leila Patterson at Ancestry.com ) seems to iondicate that Amos was b. c. 1811 in VT and d. after 1880 in Dane Co., WI. He appears in the 1850 and 1860 census in St. Lawrence Co., NY. (Supplemental

If so, Amos m. Hannah Eliza Parker, c. 1832, VT. She the daughter of Eloias Parker and Grace Totten Mansfield. Children:

  1. Julia A. Prentice, b. c. 1833, VT. At home in 1850 census in Lawrence, St. Lawrence Co., VT
  2. Elizabeth Prentice, b. c. 1838, VT. At home in 1850 and 1860 census in Lawrence, St. Lawrence Co., VT
  3. Ancaanda Prentice, b. 10 Jul 1840 in Dickinson, NY. . . . . . [10]
  4. Antoinette Prentice, b. c. 1845, NY. At home in htre 1860 census.
  5. Lydia Prentice, b. c. 1847, NY. At home in 1850 census in Lawrence, St. Lawrence Co., VT She might be the "Maria Prentice" shown at home in the 1860 census.
  6. Daniel/Dan Prentice, b. Mar 1847, VT. At home in the 1860 census. At home in the 1870 census in Dunn, Dane Co., WI. He appears in the 1900 Milwaukee, WI census living with his brother, Burt, and Burt's family.
  7. Marshall Prentice, b. c. 1849, NY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [11]
  8. Burtram V. Prentice, b. JUL 1854, NY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [12]

For a Descendancy Chart for Amos and Hannah, see Appendix 1

5. Julia A. Prentiss (son of Perez Prentiss). Birth date unknown.

She married a Mr. Parish and lived in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. It is not known if she had any children.

6. Emily Prentiss (dau. of Perez Prentiss), b. 27 Jan 1814, Hinesburg, Chittenden Co., VT, and d. 15 Mar 1889, Dickinson Center, Franklin Co., NY. . She lived in Centre, NY, about 10 miles from her sister, Harriet (Prentiss) Potter.

She married Henry Hewitt Dickenson in Charlotte, VT on 3 Jan 1833. He was b. 16 Oct 1810, Charlotte, Chittenden Co., VT, and d. 29 Dec 1897, Dickinson, Franklin Co., NY.

They settled in Dickinson Center about 1837 and had children per Ancestry.com :

  1. Mary Hewitt
  2. Anson Hewitt
  3. Aseneth Hewitt, b. 20 Dec 1832 in Charlotte, Chittenden, VT.
  4. Caroline Hewitt, b. 1834 in Charlotte, Chittenden, VT.
  5. Ezekial G Hewitt, b. 26 Jan 1838 in Charlotte, Chittenden, VT.
  6. Harriett Hewitt, b.1841 in [city], [county], VT.
  7. Orson Hewitt, b. 4 Nov 1843 in Dickinson Center, Franklin, VT.
  8. Cyrus Washburn Hewitt, b. 22 Oct 1846 in Dickinson Center, Franklin, VT.
  9. Nancy Louise Hewitt, b. 8 Oct 1846 in Dickinson Center, [county], VT.
  10. Emeline Hewitt, b. 8 Jun 1849 in Dickinson Center, Franklin, VT.
  11. Electra Hewitt, b. 1853 in Dickinson Center, Franklin, VT.
  12. Henrietta Hewitt, b. 1854 in Dickinson Center, Franklin, VT.
  13. Everetta Hewitt, b. 1855
  14. Maude Idell Hewitt, b. 15 Jan 1859 in Dickinson Center, [county], NY.

7. Louisa Prentiss, b. c. 1876-77, TX. Louisa might be the same person, using the name "Lula", perhaps as a nickname, who appears in the 1900 census in abutting Maverick Co., TX as Lula Prentiss, b. Sep 1876, TX, and living in the home of Thomas A. Jones who seems to be designated as her stepfather.

Further, we tentatively also infer that Lula Prentiss is the same poerson as Lori Brockmeyer's Lula Prentice, aka Norma Prentice, who later lived in San Diego and was m. to Alban Clyde Tripp. They had a daughter (per Lori Brockmeyer, email, 17 Apr 2003):

  1. Anna Jane Tripp.

8. Emily “Emma” Hattie Prentiss (dau. of Orange Benton Prentiss), b. 4 Apr 1857 & d. 20 Dec 1917, probably Lampasas Co., TX where she is buried.

She m. Travis “Tobe” Owen Harrell 2 Sep 1873. He was b. 14 Jan 1851 and d. 11 Mar 1915, Lampasas Co., TX. Both bur. Rock Church Cem., Lampasas Co., TX. He was the son of James Greer Harrell and Catherine K. Hitchcock. An Ancestor Chart for Travis can be found at Ancestry.com . Children:

  1. James Orange Harrell, b. 26 Nov 1874, d. 29 Apr 1946, San Diego, CA. He m. Jo Pearl White 29 May 1892, Burnet Co., TX. They had 12 children which can be found at Ancestry.com .

  2. Travis Owen Harrell Jr., b. 17 Sep 1876 in Williamson Co., TX, and d. 9 Jul 1948 in Jim Wells Co., TX. He m. Elizabeth Rancier. She was b. c. 1877, TX, with both parents b. in LA. They appear in the 1930 census in Pct. 4k Nueces Co., TX with children:
    1. Hunter H Harrell, b. c. 1917, TX. At home in 1930.
    2. Dorethy J Harrell, b. c. 1921, TX. At home in 1930.

  3. Francis Ordie Harrell, b. 4 Dec 1878, Williamson Co., TX, and d. 28 Dec 1917,Lampasas Co., TX. She m. Willie Ann Brown. Children:
    1. Lazelle Harrell -
    2. J. T. Harrell 1902 –
    3. Lucille Harrell 1904 –

  4. Amos Orman “Dude” Harrell, b. 2 Jan 1882, Round Rock, TX, and d. 17 Jul 1959. He m. Alma Annie Atkinson and Artie A. Thogmartin. He appears in the 1930 TX census in Pct. 3, Lampasas Co., TX where his 2nd wife is indexed as "Ordie Harrell." Children, probably by both wives::
    1. Travis W. Harrell, b. c. 1908, TX. At home in 1930.
    2. Jonnie Harrell, b. c. 1918, TX. At home in 1930.
    3. Gean Harrell, b. c. 1920, TX. At home in 1930.
    4. Anna F. Harrell, b. c. 1924, TX. At home in 1930.

  5. Marvin T. Harrell, b. 7 Aug 1883, d. 2 Jul 1887, age 4, Lampasas Co., TX.

  6. Raymond Louis “John” Harrell, b. 15 Aug 1885, Coryell Co., TX, and d. 9 Mar 1952,Lampasas Co., TX. He m. Maude Anderson, b. 15 Nov 1883, Somerville, Burleson Co., TX, and d. Dec 1978, Lampasas Co., TX. Children:
    1. Raymond Travis Harrell 1909 – 1988
    2. Irene Hdarrell 1913 –

  7. Eugene Omer Harrell, b. 9 Oct 1888, TX, and d. 15 Apr 1947, Waco, TX. He m. Rozella Pendleton. She was b. c. 1898, TX, with both parents b. in TX. They appear in the 1920 census in Justice Pct. 8, Coryell Co., TX. Not in 1930 census. Children:
    1. Pendleton Harrell, b. c. 1915, TX. At home in 1920.
    2. Wilma Harrell, b. c. 1917, TX. At home in 1920.
    3. Juanita Harrell, b. c. 1919, TX. At home in 1920.

  8. Bessie Orvil Harrell, b. 22 May 1891, Coryell Co., TX, and d. 11 Apr 1964, Eastland, TX. She m. Sarah Rilla Hair.

  9. Lillie Estelle Harrell, b. 11 Sep 1893, Coryell Co., TX, and d. 23 Dec 1918,Lampasas Co., TX. She m. Eugene L. Key. Not in 1920 or 1930 census.

  10. Minnie Bee Harrell, b. 30 Dec 1895, d. 17 Dec 1958, Eastland, TX. She m. Thomas B. Lovelace. He was b. 26 Apr 1899 and d. 2 Mar 1973, Eastland, TX. 1930 census in Eastland, Eastland Co., TX. Children per 1930 census:
    1. Katoina Lovelace, b. c. 1921, TX. At home in 1930.
    2. Thomas Lovelace, b. c. 1923, TX. At home in 1930.
    3. Charles B Lovelace, b. c. 1925, TX. At home in 1930.
    4. Harrell P Lovelace, b. c. 1927, TX. At home in 1930.

9. Louisa V. Prentiss, b. 18 Jul 1859, TX, d. 5 Jan 1940, Temple, Tx; She married James Henry Johnson. They had 7 children (per Judy Warren, email, 9 Jun 2001):

  1. Edward Prentiss Johnson. b. 18 Oct 1881. On 20 Jun 1920, he married Melvina Mae Barnett. He was postmaster at Bertram, Texas, at the time of his death.in 1927. My mother was appointed to succeed him. They had a daughter, their only child:
    1. June Prentice Johnson, living in Longview, TX, in 2001.

  2. Maud Johnson married a Mr. Brooks and they had one son
    1. Henry Burns Brooks. He m. a woman whose first name was Gemma, perhaps George Emma. They had two children.
    Maud later married Will Harris and they had no children.

  3. Nannie Johnson (her name may have been Nancy). She m. Ralph Ater and they had one child:
    1. Marguerite Ater. She married Jack Cooper and he had one daughter, Nancy.
    In 2001 she may live in Naples, Florida, as that was the last home of her parents.

  4. Stella Johnson married Homer Feild (that is the correct spelling for FEILD). They had one daughter:
    1. Gwendolyn Feild. She m. 1st Jerry Wolfe. They had one daughter, Laura Jean Wolfe. Gwen later married 2nd Mark Cone.

  5. Xelemma (Lem) Johnson married John Lawrence Deckert. They had no children
  6. Willie E. Johnson. She m. married Howard Jennings. They had one daughter, Virginia, who died when she was 6.

  7. James “Jim” H. Johnson, Jr., married Mary E. (Mollie) Tanksley. James was a rural mailcarrier and lived in several areas of Texas including Bertram, Segraves and Iredell. He and Mary retired to Marble Falls, Burnet. Three children:
    1. James "Jimmie" Henry Johnson III
    2. Mary Louise Johnson
    3. Homer Hudson Johnson.

10. Ancaanda Prentice, b. 10 Jul 1840 in Dickinson, NY, and d. Oct 1900 in Motley MN from Typhoid fever. She is bur. in Evergreen Cemetery, Motley MN. Born in Dickinson New York, the family afterward moved to Fayette, Iowa, and later to McFarland, WI. In 1880 they moved to Motley MN and have resided in that vicinity ever since.

She m. Albert Cutter Loucks c. 1859 in St. Lawrence, NY. He was b. 29 Mar 1838 in VT. Children:

  1. Philip Henry Loucks b 13 Apr 1878 in Madison WI. . . . . . . . [13]
  2. Evantha Loucks, b. c. 1860 in NY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [14]
  3. Marshall John Loucks, b. 28 Jul 1865 in IA
  4. Watson V. Loucks, b. 29 Mar 1867 in NY
  5. Alfreda Belle Loucks, b. 22 Sep 1871 in IA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [15]
  6. Albert Bertrum Loucks, b. 7 Jul 1872 in Madison, WI. . . . . . . [16]
  7. Cassie A. Loucks, b. c. 1875 in WI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [17]

11. Marshall Prentice, b. c. 1849, NY. Not in 1880 or 1900 census.

He m. Amelia who was b. c. 1857 in NY. Children:

  1. Atlantick/Atlantic Prentice, son, b. c. 1877.
  2. Matheu/Mathew Prentice, b. c. 1878.

12. Burtram "Burt" V. Prentice, b. Jul 1854, NY. They appear in the 1900 and 1910 Milwaukee, WI census. Not in 1910 census and perhaps deceased.

He m. Emma (Aldrich?). She was b. Sep 1858, Prussia. At home in Wilwaukee, WI, in 1910 census without her husband. Children:

  1. Doratha/Dora Prentice, b. Mar 1879, WI. At home in Milwaukee, WI, in 1910 census.
  2. Birdie Prentice, b. Feb 1881, WI
  3. Erma Prentice, b. Aug 1885, WI. She may be the Irma Prentiss shown in the 1920 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA census as b. c.1890 in WI and dau. of Emma Aldrich.
  4. Vernon Prentice, b. May 1888, WI. At home in Milwaukee, WI, in 1910 census. 1920 census in San Francisco, CA. 1930 census in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. Not in SSDI. Not in CA Death Index. He m. Imelda Moran, b. 16 Dec 1899, CA, and d. 11 May 1972, Orange, CA per CA Death Index. Her father b. was b. in MA and mother in CA. Children:
    1. Vernon Prentiss, b. 25 Sep 1917, CA. At home 1920 in SF and 1930 in Oakland, CA. Died 17 Jan 1984, Orange, CA per CA Death Index.

Burt Prentiss may be the same Burt Prentiss who appears in the 1920 Dodge Co., WI census with Henrietta (Seifert?) (see Edward, below), b. c. 1867 in WI, and who may be a 2nd wife. Childen shown are:

  1. Flora Prentiss, b. c. 1894, WI. She may, or may not, be the same person as the Flora E. Anderson shown in Cal. Death Records as b. 28 Aug 1889 in an unknown state and d. 26 Jan 1961 in Los Angeles, CA and whose mother's maiden name was Seifert.
  2. Edward Prentiss, b. c. 1904, WI. He may be the Edward Seifert Prentiss shown in Cal. Death Records as b. 1 Nov 1903 in WI and d. 9 Mar 1987, in Orange Co., CA, age 83.

13. Philip "Phil" Henry Loucks b 13 Apr 1878 in Madison WI, and d. 26 Sep 1960, Carlton, WA. When Phil was small his father was hoeing ties and gave the broad ax a swing behind him and hit Phil on his deel. He then had one foot smaller than the other. Phil was a wolf trapper, one of the best. He was a lumberman in the summer and a trapper in the winter. Phil rode logs on the river from the time he was young until almost 70 years old.

He m. Lottie May Williams on 1 Jun 1905. She was b. 19 Feb 1890 in Staples, MN. Children (and additional descendants which can be found at Ancestry.com ):

  1. Elda Mae Loucks, b. 24 Aug 1908 in Motley MN.
  2. Alfred Albert Loucks, b. 31 Jan 1909 in Motley MN.
  3. Edith Elnora Loucks, b. 29 Oct 1911 in Motley MN.
  4. Philip Harold Loucks, b. 24 May 1914 in Motley MN.
  5. Glenn William Loucks, b. 10 Apr 1916 in Motley MN. His wife may be Ruth Evangaline Kelley, b. c. 1924 and d. c. 1968-1970 in an mobile home explosion in Pinetop AZ,. In 1942 she was about 18 years old and lived in Alturas CA, for at least the first 18 years of her life. (Ref: Adrienne Loucks, email, 12 Jan 2011.)
  6. Francis Henry Loucks, b. 18 Mar 1918 in MN.
  7. Arthur Edwin Loucks, b. 25 Mar 1919 in Pillager MN.
  8. Dorothy Arvilla Loucks, b. 23 Mar 1921 in Motley MN.
  9. Betty June Loucks, b. 30 Mar 1925 in Motley MN.
  10. Phyllis Helen Loucks, b. 30 Sep 1926 in Staples MN.
  11. Jack Walter Loucks, b. 9 Feb 1931 in Taconite MN.

14. Evantha Loucks, b. c. 1860 in NY and d. c. 1930.

She m. Philip Hunsaker who was b. in France. Children:

  1. Elmer Hunsaker, b. 7 Dec 1878
  2. Ella Hunsaker, b. 7 Dec 1878
  3. Katherine Hunsaker, b. 26 Sep 1881
  4. Chris Clyde Hunsaker, b. c. 1879
  5. Bert Almore Hunsaker, b. 9 Jan 1890

15. Alfreda Belle Loucks, b. 22 Sep 1871, Fayette Co., IA and d. 5 Jan 1939, Marble, Itasca Co., MN.

She m. Willard Fish c. 1889 in Brainerd, MN. He was b. 8 May 1860, Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA, and d. 12 Oct 1943, Marble, Itasco Co., MN. He was the son of George anbd Ceciliia Fish. Children:

  1. Blance Irene Fish b: 4 Apr 1890, Motley, Morrison Co., Fugate, b. 2 Aug 1879, Holding, Stearns Co., MN, and d. 5 Dec 1935, Pulaskie, Giles Co., TN. An Ancestor Chart for him can be found at Ancestry.com . Children:
    1. Ethel Fugate -
    2. Molly Fugate -
    3. Edith Fugate 1913 – 1982
  2. Minnie May Fish
  3. Stella Celia Fish
  4. Henry Fish
  5. Iva Fish
  6. Evaline Valentine Fish
  7. Adeline Evangeline Fish b: ABT 1913
  8. unknown name Fish

16. Albert Bertrum Loucks, b. 7 Jul 1872 in Madison, WI and d. 26 Jan 1949 in Staples MN.

He m. Annie Clemens on 28 Jun 1894, Motley, MN. Children:

  1. Floyd Raymond Loucks, b. 18 Sep 1895 in Motley, MN
  2. Florence Eveline Loucks, b. 7 Feb 1897 in Motley, MN
  3. Margarie Alvaretta Loucks, b. 11 Oct 1898 in Motley, MN
  4. Cleo Captola Loucks, b. 9 Mar 1902 in Motley, MN
  5. Fay Irene Loucks, b. 20 May 1905 in Motley, MN
  6. Patricia Anca Loucks, b. 20 Jul 1907 in Motley, MN
  7. Gladys Elizabeth Loucks, b. 20 Aug 1909 in Cass County, MN
  8. Leroy Elbert Loucks, b. 28 Sep 1911 in Motley, MN
  9. Emmet Truman Loucks, b. 31 Oct 1913 in Motley, MN
  10. Cecil Melvin Loucks, b. 6 Oct 1916

17. Cassie A. Loucks, b. c. 1875 in WI and d. 4 Sep 1905 in Staples, MN.

She m. George Wetheral. Children:

  1. William McKinley Wetheral, b. 10 NOV 1896
  2. Lee Wetheral, b. 18 FEB 1894
  3. Raymond Wetheral, b. c. 1899
  4. Anna Olive Wetheral, b. 11 MAY 1892

Son of Orange Benton Prentiss

    Note: Matthew Truitt is a 3rd generation descendant of Perez Prentiss. For convenience he is numbered "3". His children are numbered "4" etc.

3. Matthew Truitt Prentiss was born on March 19, 1862 in Burnet County, Texas. He died March 24, 1932 in an Benito, Texas from heart problems.

They lived in various locations, mainly in Burnet County and Lampasas County, in the Texas hill country until late 1910 when they moved with their children from Marble Falls, Burnet County, Texas to San Benito, Cameron County, Texas. They lived in a small home on a farm 3 or 4 miles south of San Benito. Matthew was a farmer growing mainly sugarcane. He also raised sheep and sheared them to sell the wool.

He m. 31 Oct 1886 Margaret "Maggie" Lee McLean. She was born on September 24, 1868 in Washington County, Texas, baptized in 1904 in Lampasas, Texas and died on May 30, 1962 in San Benito, Texas at the age of 93. Children: (Info. on descendants provided by D'Ardi Lang)

Children of Matthew and Margaret:

i.	Alma Gladys Prentiss - born 13 Jan 1888, Burnet County, TX; 
	   Died 15 Feb 1976, San Benito, TX.					[4]
ii.	John Oscar Prentiss - b. 5 Jan 1890, Marble Fall, TX;  d. 24 Apr
	   1956, San Benito, TX.							[5]
iii.	Myrtle Mae Prentiss - b. 1 Mar 1892, Lampasas County, TX; d. 24 Dec 1958.	[6]
iv.	   Greely Benjamin Prentiss - born 18 Dec 1894.  Died 14 Dec 1971.		[7]
v.	Erie Inez Prentiss - b. Sep 27, 1896 Lampasas County, TX; d. June 3, 1982	[8]
vi.	   Amos Prentiss - b. Oct. 7, 1898, Lampasas Co., TX; d. 1985, San Benito, TX.	[9]
vii.	   Vola Prentiss - born April 29, 1905, Lampasas County, TX;
	   Died March 18, 1985, Center Point, TX.					[10]
viii	Audrey Prentiss - born Sept. 11, 1907, Burnet County, TX; She m. Mr. Walk and lived 
	   in San Benito in 1962.  Died April 23,	1998, San Benito, TX.
4. Alma Gladys Prentiss, b. 13 Jan 1888, Burnett County, TX; Died Feb. 15, 1976, San Benito, TX from a stroke.

She graduate from Burnet's Robert Lee High School in 1906 and attended San Marcos College. She started teaching in a one room school house in Brady, Texas. She is also listed in records as a school teacher in Joppa, Burnet County, Texas in 1908. The 1910 census, taken in June 1910 list her and Myrtle as living in McCulloch County. The city of Brady is the county seat of McCulloch.

After she and her family moved to San Benito, Texas, in September of 1910, she taught at Highland School, part of San Benito ISD. She taught many levels and became Principal at Landrum Elementary in SAan Benito. She was a strict disciplinarian who was respected by her students.

She was a wonderful story teller about the early days. She use to tell a story about living in a sod house in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma and helping drive a wagon to Texas across the Red River. As a young pioneer woman, she helped with the land drives in the San Benito and surrounding areas. She helped carve the way for others coming to the Rio Grande Valley. She never married. She and her sister Vola lived with their parents on a farm south of San Benito, and later moved into the town after the death of their father. Alma became Principal at Landrum Elementary in San Benito.

5. John Oscar Prentiss, b. 5 Jan 1890, Marble Falls, TX; died April 24, 1956, San Benito, TX.

John graduated from Burnet's Robert Lee High School in 1909. He attended the University of Texas then Washington and Lee Law School in Virginia. After 2 years in law school he took and passed the Bar Exam. He returned to San Benito and set up a law practice. Around late 1917 or early 1918 he joined the Army. John served as Sergeant 1st Class, 20th Balloon Company in World War I. He was stationed at Omaha, Nebraska and later his company was shipped out to France. He met Annie2 Ross Barnes while stationed in Omaha, Neb. and they married May 15, 1919.

After the war they made their home in San Benito, Texas. Annie was a black haired, blue eyed beauty and was creative. She majored in home economics in college. She died April 10, 1972 from breast cancer. John was a lawyer and city attorney in San Benito for many years. He was a Sunday School teacher for both the Methodist and Baptist Church. He was also a Boy Scout Master. He died April 24, 1956 at age 66 from a heart attack. John was a sportsman and a wonderful, kind and loving father. John and Annie are buried at Mont Meta Cemetery in San Benito. They had 4 children:

	i.	Margaret Prentiss.  She died at birth.
	ii.	Dorothy Anne Prentiss.				[5a]
	iii.	Jack Barnes Prentiss					[5d]
	iv.	Ruth Evelyn Prentiss					[5e]
5a. Dorothy Anne Prentisse was b. 10 Apr 1922. Dorothy Anne, called "D'Anne", was intelligent. She made the Dean's List at the University of Texas in Austin. Her major was language arts. She had light brown hair, large green eyes, and a small build. Her first husband, Jim Soutar, was in an iron lung for due to complication of polio and died in 1956. D'Anne and Jim had two children:
	i.	Anne Elizabeth Soutar, b. 2 Nov 1951.			[5b]
	ii.	James Scott Souter, b. 16 Sep 1954			[5c]
D'Anne married, 2nd, on June 18, 1960, Alfred Eugene "Al" Woody. They lived in San Benito by John and Anne, her parents. They had one child:
	iii.	Jean Linn Woody.  Born 4 Oct 1961. Harlingen, TX.  She m. Neill Northington on 
		20 Aug 1987 in Dallas, TX.  She taught Texas History for a time, then returned 
		to school for her Master's Degree in Library Science from Texas Woman's 
		University and is now a Librarian.  She and her husband are licensed pilots 
		and master scuba divers.
About 1964, the family moved to Richmond, Texas, where Al started his own business selling auto parts. On August 30, 1976, Al died from cancer of the stomach. He was 49 years of age. On February 10, 1979, D'Anne followed in death at age 56 from cancer of the liver.

5b. Anne Elizabeth Soutar, b. 2 Nov 1951. She m., 1st. Chuck Sweeney. She m., 2nd, Tom Griffith. They lived in Houston, then moved to Boulder, Wyoming. While in Boulder, Anne and Tom had one son:

	i.	James Tom "J. T." Griffith, b. 3 Jun 1988. 
Tom and Anne divorced. Anne then m., 3d, Duke Clark. Anne and Duke had a hot-house business in Boulder, raising tomatoes for local restaurants and supermarkets. In 2000. Ann is now single. Children of Anne and Duke Clark:
	ii.	Luke Clark, born May 1992
	iii.	Christian Clark, born June 1994
	iv.	Lantana Clark, b. 28 Jul 1995.  
5c. James Scott Souter, b. 16 Sep 1954, Houston, Texas. He m. Carolyn Kucera on 8 Apr 1981. Scott and Carolyn divorced in Sept 1995. Children:
	i.	Cody Soutar, born 4 Mar 1981.  Cody was Carolyn's son from another marriage 
		and adopted by James. 
	ii.	Brett Soutar, b. 7 Oct 1982.
5d. Jack Barnes Prentiss, b. 22 Oct 1925, San Benito, TX. Graduated from San Benito High School in May 1943. In Sept. 1943 he joined the U.S. Navy and was in the service for a little over 2 years, attaining the rank of Aviation Ordananceman 2nd class. After discharge his discharge, enrolled at Texas Tech University, graduating in 1950 with a major in chemistry. He returned to San Benito and went to work full time for Central Power & Light Co. from which he retired 37+ years later.

He m. Betty Jo Crotchett on 12 Feb 1953 at the First Baptist Church, Harlingen, TX. Betty Jo was the only child of Josie and Tom Crotchett. She was born on Dec. 4, 1928 in Harlingen. Son:

	i.	John Tomas Prentiss, adopted in 1960.
5e. Ruth Evelyn Prentiss, b. 19 Apr 1930, San Benito, TX. She graduated from San Benito High School and then studied Music at Trinity University. In her junior year she married on 23 Jun 1951 Donald Allen Dreyer. He was born 26 Nov 1921, in San Antonio. The divorced in 1960. Children:
	i.	D'Ardi Ruth Dreyer.						[5f]
	ii.	Becky Rene Dreyer.						[5g]
Ruth m., 2nd, Fred Ira Lewis on 16 Jun 1964. They moved to the country where Fred had a home and farm in the Rio Hondo School district. Ruth taught school for one year at Fred Booth School in San Benito, and for 29 years in Los Fresnos.

5f. D'Ardi Ruth Dreyer, b. 11 Jul 1954, San Antonio, TX.

D'Ardi's name was derived from a combination of letters. The D from Don, her father: the R from Ruth, her mother and a D from Dreyer, her maiden name. These were combined DRD. Pronounced: Dee Are-dee. D'Ardi graduated Valedictorian from Rio Hondo High School.

She m. William Reed Lang III on June 7, 1975. Reed is a graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is employed by Exxon Mobile in Houston, Texas. D'Ardi graduated from Texas A&I University, Kingsville in May 1977 with a degree in Accounting. Children:

	i.	Kathryn D'Anne Lang						[5h]
	ii.	William Reed Lang IV.					[5i]
5g. Becky Rene Dreyer, b. 19 DEc 1957, Galveston, TX. Graduated from Rio Hondo High School in 1976. She left college after 3 years and went to work. She m. Jeffery Screws on 7 Nov 1981. They had no children and divorced c. 1988. She m., 2nd, Steve Miller on 29 Jun 1991. They now live in Concord, CA, where Steve is General Manager of the Beverly Hertiage Hotel in Silicon Valley, California. Children:
	i.	Madison Miller, b. 30 Jul 1992 in Austin, TX.
	ii.	Trent Miller, b. 16 Feb 1994, Broken Arrow, OK.
5h. Kathryn D'Anne Lang b. 22 Oct 1979 in Corpus Christi, TX. She is a student at Sam Houston State University majoring in elementary education with a specialty in math and early childhood development.

5i. William Reed Lang IV. Born 10 Feb 1983 in Corpus Christi. Reed is a Student at Klein Oak High School in Spring, TX. . He is interested in computer science and plays the bass guitar.

6. Myrtle Mae Prentiss, b. 1 Mar 1892 in Lampasas County, Texas and baptized in 1906 in Shady Grove, Texas. She d. 24 Dec 1958. Myrtle graduated from San Marcos College and ran a private kindergarten in San Benito, Texas for many years. She was a member of the First Baptist Church San Benito and taught Sunday School for over 40 years. She actively participated in Baptist Missionary Union, What To Read Club, P.E.O. and a popular book reviewer in the area. Myrtle enjoyed San Benito's civic and cultural activities.

She married Morgan Bryan Finley on 3 Jan 1917. Morgan was born 17 Jan 1893 and died 9 Mar 1960. He managed a gasoline filling station and a bus station. He was influential in the establishment of the Texas State TB hospital in Harlingen. It remains a vital part of the Texas state Hospital system today. They had one son:

	i.	Morgan Bryan "Bryan" Finley Jr.  				[6a]
6a. Morgan Bryan "Bryan" Finley Jr., b. 24 May 1931, Harlingen, TX. Graduated from San Benito High School. He received a bachelor of Journalism (Advertising) degree from the University of Missouri in 1952. He was employed with the Brownsville Herald from June 1952 to June 1954. He entered the insurance business in 1954 and developed Bryan Finley & Associates into a full financial service organization and is a Registered Financial Consultant.

Morgan m. Ada Betty Dunn from La Feria, TX on 14 Feb 1954. Ada Betty was Born on 8 Nov 1932. Later Bryan and family moved to Kerrville, Texas where his ins. co. is located. Bryan is an active member of the Baptist Church and an ordained Deacon. Children:

	i.	Kenneth Finley, b. 1 Oct 1955, Harlingen, TX.			[6b]
	ii.	Karen Jeanine Finley, b.18 Dec 1956, Brownsville, TX.		`	[6c] 		
	iii.	Lisa Kay Finley, b. 27 Nov 1957, Brownsville, TX.			[6d]
	iv.	Curtis Morgan Finley, b. 24 Sep 1960, Brownsville, TX			[6e]
6b. Kenneth Bryan Finley, b. 1 Oct 1955, Harlingen, TX. Attended San Benito schools from 1960 to 1971 and graduated from Tivy High School, Kerrville in 1973. He received a BBA in Marketing from Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene in 1977.

Employed by Bandera Bank since 1978, he is Vice Presidentas well as director of that bank and Johnson City Bank, Johnson City, Texas.

He married Bonnie Lynn Huber on 14 Feb 1992. They live in Pipe Creek with their two children:

	i.	Jeffery James Gurney, b. 5 Dec 1985 (Bonnie's child from prior marriage)
	ii.	Lauren Anne Finley, b. 25 Mar  1993.
6c. Karen Jeanine Finley, b. 18 Dec 1956, Brownsville, TX. Attended San Benito schools from 1961 to 1971 and graduated from Tivy High School, Kerrville, TX in 1974. She received a BBA from Hardin-Simmons University in 1978 and studied fashion design and business in Lucerne, Switerland at the American College that same year. She worked for many years as a travel agent in San Antonio, and Kerrville, Texas and in Seattle, Washington.

Karen married Victor Ernest Chesky, III on 15 May 1982 and divorced Apr 1994. Victor was born on March 5, 1953. She is a Purchasing Agent for the Kerrville Independent School District and member of Trinity Baptist Church, Kerrville, TX. Children:

	i.	Morgan Victor Chesky, b. 19 Apr 1986, Kerrville, TX.
	ii.	Emily Chesky, b. and d. 28 Dec 1988, Kerrville, TX.
	iii.	Elizabeth Chesky, b. and d. 28 Dec 1988, Kerrville, TX.
	iv.	Caitlin Elizabeth Chesky, b. 4 Feb 1990, Kerrville, TX.
6d. Lisa Kay Finley, b. 27 Nov 1957, Brownsville, TX. Attended San Benito schools from 1962-71 and graduated from Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas in 1975. Also in 1975 she won the Texas Junior Miss Title. A 1979 Honor graduate of Texas Tech University, College of Human Sciences, she studied interior design at the American College in London, England. She practiced interior design in Dallas/Ft. Worth area for 10 years. She and her husband returned to the Rio Grande Valley in 1990 , moving to McAllen where she continued her interior design work and wholesale furniture marketing for Kimball International for central and south Texas.

Lisa married James "Jim" Monroe Morrow on 18 Oct 1980. Jim was born in Raymondville, TX on 30 Nov 1948. Lisa has been active in Baptist churches where her husband has served as a Minister of Music. She has taught adult education, and private and public secondary education for 6 years. She has followed in her mother's and grandmother Myrtle's footsteps as a member of P.E.O. She joined Buckner Baptist Benevolences in 1999 as Regional Director of Development and Community Relations for the Rio Grande Children's Home in Mission, Texas. No children.

6e. Curtis Morgan Finley, b. 24 Sep 1960, Brownsville, TX. Attended San Benito schools up to the 5th grade and continued his education in Kerrville. He graduated from Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas in 1978 and received a BBA in Finance from Hardin-Simmons University in 1982. He worked in the banking industry from 1982 to 1988 in commercial finance. In 1988 he went to work for his father at Bryan Finley and Associates as an insurance and investment broker. He is a member of First Baptist Church, Kerrville.

Curtis married Vickie Gay Lee on 28 Aug 1982. Vickie was born on 11 Feb 1959 in Amarillo, Texas. They have two children:

	i.  	Taylor Morgan Finley born 16 Aug 1991
	ii.  	Megan Kay Finley born 23 Nov 1998.
7. Greely Benjamin " G. B." Prentiss, b. 18 Dec 1894 in Indian Territory (now Lampasas, TX). He was baptized in 1910 and died 14 Dec 1971 from a stoke. He had brown hair and blue eyes and was called Judge by the family. His dad, Matthew, had a good friend that was a judge, so he give Greely the nickname of Judge. However, Greely's business acquaintances and his wife called him "G.B." He was very kind, loving, thoughtful, gentle and caring. He would help most anyone who would need help. He attended Draughons Business College in Fort Worth, Texas.

He attended Draughons Business College in Fort Worth, TX and started a business as a young man with acoustical tiling. Later he owned his own company. He had an excellent head for business. The famous artist, Porfirio Salinas, would come by the General Supply Company to get paint from Judge. Judge never asked for anything in return. During World War II, Judge had the franchise, through out south central Texas and Louisiana, for Quonset Huts, a long metal building with a half circle metal roof.

On 26 Jun 1949, he married Margaruite Diehl, born 27 Aug 1905They had a daughter:

  1. Elaine Eleanor Prentiss, b. 18 Jan 1926, San Antonio, TX. Attended Porland Place Elementary school in San Antonio, Texas and graduated in 1943 from Thomas Jefferson High School. Later attended Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri for 2 years, then 2 additional years at the University of Texas at Austin. Member of Alpha Chi Omega. Majored in elementary education and taught at various schools.

    She m. Norman Wayne Hicks on 26 Jun 1949 at Grace Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX. Norman was a Marine and had various duty stations, including a tour in Korea during the Korean War. While stationed in Auburn, Alabama (1967-1970), she helped to organize the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at Auburn University and held the position of Ritual Advisor for the chapter. She was also an active Girl Scout leader for her daughter's troop.

    While stationed in Auburn, AL (1967-1970), she helped organize the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at Auburn University They moved to Comfort, Texas in 1981. They have two adopted children:

    1. Norman "Skipper" Wayne Hicks, Jr., b. 29 Jan 1956 and d. 23 Nov 1979. . . . . . . . [7a]
    2. Linda Elaine Hicks, b. 15 Jul 1959. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [7b]

    7a. Norman "Skipper" Wayne Hicks Jr., b. 29 Jan 1956, San Diego, CA. He died 23 Nov 1979. He was an All Star athlete in swimming, baseball and football. Skipper won numerous medals and ribbons for his swimming ability.

    7b. Linda Elaine Hicks, b. 15 Jul 1959, Richmond, VA. Lives in Wichita Falls, Texas. She married Charles Goss on 31 Jul 1977 and divorced in 1986. They had 3 children:

    	i.	Jamalynn "Jamie" Elicia Goss, b. 21 Jan 1978.  She m. Jason Locke and they 
    		live in Wichita Falls, TX.  Children: 
    		a.	Katherine Nicole Locke.
    		b.	Ethan James Locke.
    	ii.	Arron Wayne Goss, b. 22 Sep 1980.  He graduated from high school in 1998.  
    		Arron lives in Comfort, TX..
    	iii.	D'Amber Joy Goss, b. 4 Jun 1983.  D'Amber is musically talented and a 
    		High School student in San Antonio.  
    Linda married, 2nd, Ted Herrmann, 10 Aug 1993 and divorced in 1995.

    8. Erie Inez Prentiss, b. 27 Sep 1896 Lampasas County, TX; died 3 Jun 1982. Although deaf, she attended Baylor College and was a typist and bookkeeper for several years before marriage.

    She m. Clarence "Charles" Benjamin Inman 24 Feb 1931. He was born 23 Apr 1890 and died 23 Feb 1974. He was a salesman. Children:

    	i.	Margaret Mina Inman, b. 5 May 1932, Houston, TX.  Graduated from high school 
    		in 1949, and majored in art at SMU.  She m. Mason O'Keiff in Jun 1950.  
    		Divorced in 1966.  Children: 
    			a.	Gustav Mason O'Keiff Jr., b. 22 Nov 1954, Houston, TX.  
    				Attended school in Houston and graduated from Memorial 
    				High School.  Attended Texas Tech University and University 
    				of Houston an graduated as mechanical engineer.  Presently 
    				designing software and programs in Atlanta, Georgia.
    				He m., 1st, Lynn.  Daughter:
    				1.	Erin O'Keiff, b. 28 Feb 1981.  
    				He m., 2nd, Helen Rovell Fisher in Sep 1985.  She is a registered 
    				nurse and vice president of a health care consulting firm in 
    				Atlanta.  She has one son, Adam Fisher, from a previous marriage.  
    			b.	Carol Kristin O'Keiff, b. 3 Dec 1956, Houston, TX.  Graduated 
    				from Memorial High School in Houston, Texas.  Graduate of 
    				St. Thomas University as registered nurse.  Children:
    				1.	Joseph Jesabeck, b. 28 Jul 1979.  Lives in Springdale, AR.
    				2.	Danielle Connally, b. 3 Sep 1985 and lives in Prescott, 
    					Arizona with her mother.
    		Margaret m., 4th, Dan Edwards c. 1982.  In 2000, Dan was now retired and they 
    		lived in Springdale, Arkansas.
    	ii.	Jay Prentiss Inman, b. 2 Mar 1936, Houston, TX.  Bus manager for the Canyon 
    		Lake School District.  He m. Carolyn Carter on 4 May 1951.  Carolyn worked as a 
    		secretary to a counselor in the same school district.  Jay and Carolyn live in 
    		Canyon Lake, TX.  Children:
    		a.	Jay Prentiss Inman Jr., b. 21 Apr 1958. He m. Melissa Metcalf on 15 
    			May 1992.  She was b. 17 Mar 1956.  In 2000, Jay is an aeronautical engineer 
    			in Arlington, TX and she is a nurse at Meth. Hosp. in Dallas in ICU.
    		b.	David Carl Inman, b. 29 Apr 1960.  He m. Donna Klur on 13 Aug 1986.  She was 
    			b. 6 Aug 1961 and was a dental assistant.  He is self-employed at Hill Country 
    			Electric Supply in Austin.  Daughter:
    			1.	Diane Lauren Inman, b. 16 Feb 1989.
    		c.	Diane Carol Inman, b. 7 Jun 1961.  She m. Paul Pate.  She is an interior 
    			designer.  Children:
    			1.	Brian Inman Pate, b. 29 May 1990.
    			2.	Christopher Paul Pate, b. 2 May 1992.
    9. Amos Prentiss, b. 7 Oct 1898, Lampasas, TX; bap.1915 in San Benito; d. 1985 in San Benito, TX of aneurysm of the brain.

    Amos came by train with his family to San Benito in 1910, bringing furniture, clothes, and animals. During World War I he enlisted in the navy at age 17. He went by train to San Francisco, CA. After a few months he wrote home to ask them to get him out of the navy. They wrote back saying, you volunteered, you stay there. He was a baker in the navy. After the navy Amos became a farmer and produce buyer in San Benito, TX. He could sit on the front porch in San Benito and knew exactly which cloud was raining on his cotton. Amos was an avid fisherman and hunter all his life.

    He married Ethel Swindell Gardner on 14 Jul 1926. Ethel taught first grade and then had a private first grade and later a day care for children in her home. She died Nov. 25, 1981. Children:

    	i.	Betty Lou Prentiss						[9a]
    	ii.	Robert Gardner Prentiss					[9b]
    9a. Betty Lou Prentiss, b. 19 May 1927, San Benito, TX. Has degree in elementary education and taught second grade. She volunteers at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

    She m. Donald Gene Rogers on 5 Jun 1948. He was born 30 Aug 1924 and d. 4 Jul 1978 in Houston from cancer. He was employed with the International Boundary and Water Commission in Harlingen, TX. Children:

    	i.	Stephen Prentiss Rogers, b. 24 Dec 1948, San Benito, TX.  Graduate of San Benito 
    		High School and Sam Houston St. Univ. with degree in bus. admin.  Currently Home 
    		Health RN at Valley Bap. Health Systems.  He m. Kathy Rheim on 
    		16 Jul  1988 in Harlingen at the First Christian Church.  Daughter:
    		a.	Hannah Kathleen Rogers, b. 23 Feb 1995.
    	ii.	John David "David" Rogers, b. 19 Oct 1955.  He m. Margaret Wolverton in Auburn, 
    		Alabama.  Later divorced.  Son:
    		a.	David "Dave" M. Rogers, b. 6 Jun 1987 in Douglasville GA.  David divorced 
    		John m., 2nd, Nancy Smith on 22 Jul 1995 in Marrieta, GA.  She had two children 
    		Rachel and Joel from her first marriage.  John and Nancy had a son:
    		b.	Jonathan Rogers, b. 2 Feb 1996.
    9b. Robert "Bobby" Gardner Prentiss, b. 14 Aug 1930, San Benito, TX. He had a basketball scholarship to Southwest State University in San Marcos. After a year in college, he joined the Air Force. He was stationed on a radar site in Japan during the Korean War.

    He married Shirley Calfee in Harlingen, TX. She had a one year old son, Greg, from another marriage. He died as a teenager in a car accident. Robert and Shirley divorced after 18 years of marriage, shortly after Greg's death. Children:

    	i.   Robert "Chip" Amos Prentiss, b. 1956, Harlingen, TX. Graduated from high school 
    		in Austin. He m. Le Anne Vossberg. He later joined the Navy. Children: 
    		a. Annalee Prentiss. 
    		b. Zachary Callan Prentiss (twin) 
    		c. Jacob Mathew Prentiss (twin) 
    		d. Caleb Prentiss. 
    		Robert m., 2nd, Jackie, in San Antonio. They had no children, but Jackie had 4 
    		children from her first marriage. He died in 1986 in San Antonio from cancer. 
    		He was an insurance adjuster for the Hartford Insurance for years before his death. 
    10. Vola Prentiss, b. 29 Apr 1905 in Lampassas County, Texas. She was baptized in 1920 in San Benito, Texas. She graduated from San Benito High School and attended San Marcos College and Sul Ross College at Alpine, Texas and got her M.A.. She never married. She was once engaged to be married but her family did not approve and she broke it off.

    Vola taught school in San Benito, Texas and later became Principal of Ed Downs Elementary. She taught many of her nieces and nephews and no favorites were played or shown. She lived with her mother and father and sister, Alma, on a farm south of San Benito. After her father died in 1932, they moved into a house in San Benito. They took care of their mother until her death. Vola bought a little house in Center Point, Texas and would go there during the summer months because she was allergic to the chemical sprayed on the cotton fields in the Valley.

    She enjoyed having her family come and visit her in Center Point. The home was on the Guadalupe River and after retirement, lived there until she died in March 18, 1985.

    Vola was a vivacious woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She was always willing to help those in need. She was a wonderful cook and also an accomplished painter on canvas and china. She loved the outdoors and never met a stranger

    11. Audrey Prentiss, b. 11 Sep 1907 in Burnet County, TX and died 23 Apr 1998 in San Benito, from heart problems. Audrey graduated from business school in San Benito, Texas and became a secretary for her brother John Prentiss. Later she worked for her nephew, Bryan Finley in Harlingen, Texas.

    Audrey married Elmer Lester Walk, on 1 Jun 1929. Elmer owned Walk Typewriter Office in San Benito. Later he opened his business in Brownsville, Texas adding computers to the business. Audrey and Elmer divorced January 9, 1959. Audrey never remarried. Children:

    	i.	James Whitten Walk						[11a]
    	ii.	Carol Lee Walk						[11b]
    11a. James "Jimmy" Whitten Walk, b. 12 Apr 1931, San Benito, TX. Died 27 Apr 1996 from cancer. Jimmy was raised in San Benito and buried at Mont Meta in San Benito. He graduated from San Benito High School in 1949. Jimmy attended Texas A & I University in Kingsville, Tx for 3 years. Then in 1952, he started working for his dad at Walk Typewriter Office selling office machines and furniture. He later moved to Port Isabel, TX and opened a Marina.

    He m. Flora "Flo" Dee Fitch in 1952 and divorced 15 Sep 1970. They had 4 children:

    	i.	Kathryn Ileen Walk, b. 1 Jul 1953.  She m., and later divorced her first 
    		husband.  She m., 2nd, Victor Leal, an eye surgeon in Brownsville.  They had 
    		no children.  He was murdered by a drug dealer.  She m., 3rd, Dr. Ruben Salinas, 
    		an eye surgeon.  She works with her husband in the clinic at McAllen, Texas.  
    		They do not have children.
    	ii.	Penny Rae Walk, b. 23 Jul 1955, San Benito.  She m. Tommy Gautreau.  Penny was the 
    		manager of a design studio, "Gorsuch Designs," in Beaver Creek, Co.   They are now 
    		overseeing the construction of a hotel on South Padre Island and will manage it when 
    	iii.	James Lester Walk, b. 12 Oct 1956, San Benito, TX.  He m. Vicki Sanford.  
    		They moved to FL and later divorced.  Children:
    		a.	Justin Walk
    		b.	Michael Walk
    		c.	Sara Nichole Walk
    	iv. 	Laurence Allen Walk, b. 5 Aug 1959, San Benito.  He m. Virginia Gomez.  Divorced.  
    		a.	Eddie Walk
    		b.	Allen Walk.
    		Laurence m., 2nd, Margie.  Daughter:
    		c.	Zoyla Marie Walk.  
    		Laurence m., 3rd, Deborah McDonald.  She has 3 children from a previous 
    		marriage.  Larry is self employed working with computers..
    In 1973 James married and later divorced Carolyn Hodges. They have one child: 
    	V.	Elizabeth Ann Walk, b. 23 Sep 1976, Brownsville, TX.  Graduated from Texas A&M 
    		University in May 1999.
    11b. Carol Lee Walk, b. 18 Dec 1934, San Benito, TX. Graduated from San Benito High School in 1953 and attended Texas A&I University for 1 ½ years. After living in San Benito, she and her family moved to Bishop, TX where Carol worked as a manager at Stop and Shop convenience store, then worked at Moerbes Grocery Store as a bookkeeper, cashier and meat market manager. In 1989, they moved to Arroyo City, Texas. She is the asst. mgr. at the Harlingen International Valley Airport in the Paradise gift shop.

    She m. Vance Arthur Richey on 20 Mar 1954. Vance worked for Butterkrust Bread Company. Later he opened his own auto parts shop. Children:

    	i.	Debra Richey, b. 4 Dec 1954, San Benito, TX.  She married Danny Gills of 
    		Ashville, North Carolina at the First Baptist Church in Bishop, Texas.  Children:
    		a.	Dustin Ty Gills, b. 27 Dec 1974.
    		b.  	Daniel Eugene Gills, b. 29 Mar 1978.  He m. Tara Dilley in 1997 in
    			Mechanicsville.  They have a daughter, b. 26 Jul 1998.
    		c.	Devon Deanette Gills, b. 2 Apr 1979, Ashville.  She is engeged to marry 
    			Billy Brodoluas on 24 Jun 2000.
    	ii.	Audrey Arlene Richey, b. 6 Feb 1956, San Benito, TX.  She m. Mark Preston 
    		Harbison from Bishop on 7 Aug 1971.  Divorced 1981.  Children:
    		a.	Mechelle Lee Harbison, b. 29 Jan 1972, Newport News, VA.  She m. Chris 
    			Carpenter  on 29 Dec 1991.  Children:
    			1.	Miranda Lee Carpenter, b. 30 Jun 1992.
    			2.	Christopher Earl Carpenter, b. 18 Jul 1995.
    		b.	Michael Preston Harbison,  b. 9 Jan 1973.  He m. Jozy on 13 Oct 1995 in 
    			Hawaii.  She was from Dallas, TX.  Divorced in 1999.  They have a son:
    			1.	Mason Rex Harbison, b. 1 Aug 1996.
    		c.	Mark Anthony Harbison, b. 2 Sep 1974.  He m. Deborah "Debbie" Kay of 
    			Kingsville, TX in Dec 1996.  Daughter:
    			1.	Josephine Annlouise Harbison, b. 8 Jul 1997.
    	iii.	Arthur "Van" Richey, b, 12 Mar 1957, San Benito, TX.  He m. in the summer of 1979, 
    		Jackie Beatha of Mobile, Alabama.  Divorced 1984.  Children:
    		a	Arthur "Trae" Vance Richey III, b. 12 Jan 1981, Mobile, AL.
    		b.	Jennifer Rae Richey, b. 12 Apr 1982, Mobile, AL.
    		Arthur m., 2nd, Sherry Taylor of Bishop, TX on 15 Jul 1985.  Children: 
    		c.	Justin Kyle Richey, b. 19 Nov 1985, Bishop.
    		d.	Joshua Wade Richey, b. and d. 28 Jun 1988, Bishop.
    	iv.	David Richey, b. 2 Nov 1960, San Benito, TX.  He m. Denise Pilgram of 
    		Kingsville, TX in Oct 1998 at their home 
    		in Bishop.  Denise is a school teacher.  She has 5 children by previous 
    		marriages; Soeila, Elaesha, Hector, Jaime and Deiago.

    Appendix 1:

    We found the following descendancy chart for Amos and Hanna at the Patterson-Coleman Tree on Ancestry.com at http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=DESC&db=:2872527&id=I1854&ti=4317 :

    1 Amos Prentice, b. c. 1811 d. aft. 1880.  He m Hannah, b. c. 1816 and d. aft. 1880.  Children:
        2 Julia A. PRENTICE b: ABT 1833
        2 Elizabeth PRENTICE b: ABT 1838
        2 Ancaanda PRENTICE b: 10 JUL 1840 d: OCT 1900
          + Albert Cutter LOUCKS b: 29 MAR 1838 d: 5 FEB 1902
            3 Philip Henry LOUCKS b: 13 APR 1878 d: 26 SEP 1960
              + Lottie May WILLIAMS b: 19 FEB 1890 d: 3 JUN 1956
                4 Elda Mae LOUCKS b: 24 AUG 1908 d: 10 FEB 1970
                  + Frank CARR b: ABT 1902
                    5 Robert Andrew CARR b: 25 JUL 1926
                      + Living BERNA
                        6 Living CARR
                        6 Living CARR
                    5 Boyd Lowell CARR b: 17 SEP 1927 d: 4 MAY 1945
                  + John Wilson COLEMAN b: 16 OCT 1903 d: 12 FEB 1978
                    5 Living COLEMAN
                      + Gilbert Burton NORGREN b: 21 JAN 1932 d: 1 JAN 1998
                        6 Living NORGREN
                        6 Living NORGREN
                        6 Living NORGREN
                      + Living PATTERSON
                        6 Living PATTERSON
                          + Living STROZYK
                        6 Living PATTERSON
                          + Living MARDIS
                        6 Living PATTERSON
                          + Living EYMAN
                    5 Michael Henry COLEMAN b: 26 AUG 1943 d: 8 FEB 1989
                      + Living PRATT
                        6 Living COLEMAN
                        6 Living COLEMAN
                      + Living FERRONE
                        6 Living COLEMAN
                    5 Living COLEMAN
                      + Living WEIMER
                        6 Living WEIMER
                        6 Living WEIMER
                        6 Living WEIMER
                        6 Living WEIMER
                4 Alfred Albert LOUCKS b: 31 JAN 1909 d: 15 MAR 1987
                  + Dorothy KOOKEN
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                  +  HELEN
                4 Edith Elnora LOUCKS b: 29 OCT 1911 d: 25 JAN 1986
                  + Jack GREENE
                4 Philip Harold LOUCKS b: 24 MAY 1914 d: 5 JAN 1988
                  +  LANORMA
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                4 Glenn William LOUCKS b: 10 APR 1916 d: 22 JUN 1988
                  +  EMMA
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                4 Francis Henry LOUCKS b: 18 MAR 1918 d: 18 MAR 1918
                4 Arthur Edwin LOUCKS b: 25 MAR 1919 d: 19 AUG 1982
                  +  THELMA
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                4 Dorothy Arvilla LOUCKS b: 23 MAR 1921 d: 14 APR 1981
                  + Earl EMMERS
                    5 Living EMMERS
                4 Betty June LOUCKS b: 30 MAR 1925
                  + Ralph MCCONE
                    5 Living MCCONE
                    5 Living MCCONE
                4 Phyllis Helen LOUCKS b: 30 SEP 1926
                  + Charles INGERSOLL
                    5 Living INGERSOLL
                    5 Living INGERSOLL
                4 Jack Walter LOUCKS b: 9 FEB 1931 d: 25 AUG 1975
                  + Living SUE
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
                    5 Living LOUCKS
            3 Evantha LOUCKS b: ABT 1860 d: ABT 1930
              + Philip HUNSAKER d: 9 MAY 1946
                4 Elmer HUNSAKER b: 7 DEC 1878
                4 Ella HUNSAKER b: 7 DEC 1878
                4 Katherine HUNSAKER b: 26 SEP 1881
                4 Chris Clyde HUNSAKER b: ABT 1879
                4 Bert Almore HUNSAKER b: 9 JAN 1890
            3 Marshall John LOUCKS b: 28 JUL 1865 d: 9 JUL 1941
            3 Watson V. LOUCKS b: 29 MAR 1867 d: ABT 1895
            3 Alfreda Belle LOUCKS b: 22 SEP 1871 d: 5 JAN 1939
              + Willard FISH
                4 Blance Irene FISH b: 4 APR 1890
                4 Minnie May FISH
                4 Stella Celia FISH
                4 Henry FISH
                4 Iva FISH
                4 Evaline Valentine FISH
                4 Adeline Evangeline FISH b: ABT 1913
                4 unknown name FISH
            3 Albert Bertrum LOUCKS b: 7 JUL 1872 d: 26 JAN 1949
              + Annie CLEMENS b: 12 NOV 1877 d: 18 JAN 1938
                4 Floyd Raymond LOUCKS b: 18 SEP 1895 d: 3 MAR 1989
                  + Beryl BRIGGS
                4 Florence Eveline LOUCKS b: 7 FEB 1897 d: 9 JUL 1970
                  +  LynnHEMPHILL
                4 Margarie Alvaretta LOUCKS b: 11 OCT 1898 d: 2 NOV 1916
                4 Cleo Captola LOUCKS b: 9 MAR 1902 d: 26 APR 1902
                4 Fay Irene LOUCKS b: 20 MAY 1905 d: 1 JAN 1981
                  + Ed SCHMIT
                4 Patricia Anca LOUCKS b: 20 JUL 1907 d: 10 AUG 1979
                4 Gladys Elizabeth LOUCKS b: 20 AUG 1909 d: 16 NOV 1993
                  + She m. Alfred Thomson.
                    5.  ­Marlys Anne Thomson.  She m. Mr. Prindle.  
                         6.  Valerie Prindle.  She m. Mr. Gaul per her email of 29 Jul 2014
                4 Leroy Elbert LOUCKS b: 28 SEP 1911
                  + Iva HANNAH
                4 Emmet Truman LOUCKS b: 31 OCT 1913 d: 4 FEB 1945
                  + Judy FORSEEN
                4 Cecil Melvin LOUCKS b: 6 OCT 1916 and d. 13 Jul 2004.  He m. Shirley and had 5 children.
            3 Cassie A. LOUCKS b: ABT 1875 d: 4 SEP 1905
              + George WETHERAL
                4 William McKinley WETHERAL b: 10 NOV 1896
                4 Lee WETHERAL b: 18 FEB 1894
                4 Raymond WETHERAL b: ABT 1899
                4 Anna Olive WETHERAL b: 11 MAY 1892
        2 Antoinette PRENTICE b: ABT 1845
        2 Lydia PRENTICE b: ABT 1847
        2 Dan PRENTICE b: MAR 1847
        2 Marshall PRENTICE b: ABT 1849, NY
          He m. AMELIA on 23 Sep 1875, Dane Co., WI.  She was b. c. 1857, NY.  
          Not in 1900 or 1910 census.
            3 Atlantic (Atlanta?) PRENTICE b: ABT 1877, WI. 1880 census in 
                 McFarland, Dane Co., WI.  Not in 1900 or 1910 census.
            3 Matthew PRENTICE b: ABT 1878, WI.  1880 census in McFarland, Dane Co., 
                 WI. Not in 1900 or 1910  census.
        2 Bertram "Burt" Vernon PRENTICE, b. 30 Jul 1852-54, NY, and d. 13 Aug 1929, 
             Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.  He m. Emma Schlundt c. 1878, WI.  She was b. 
             19 Sep 1858, NY, and d. 22 Nov 1946, Santa Cruz, CA.  Divorced c. 1901, 
             WI.  Emma then m. 2nd George Hollamer c. 1903 in WI.  Children of 
             Bertram and Emma:
            3 Dorothy "Dora" Prentice, b. 14 Mar 1878, Dade Co., WI, and d. 1967, 
    		Santa Cruz, CA.  She m. Alonzo Lewis Kennedy c. 1915.  He was 
    		b. 18 Aug 1886, Whitinsville, MA, and d. 2 Jan 1962, Santa Cruz, CA.  
            3 Burtrice "Birdie" Prentice, b. 27 Feb 1881, McFarland Co., WI, 
    		and d. 12 Jun 1953, Santa Cruz, CA.  Sm. 1st John W. Foran 
    		(1879-1944).  She m. 2nd Mr. Goyette.
            3 Irma Pre ntice, b. 18 Aug 1884, WI, and d. 1 Aug 1945, Alameda Co., 
    		CA.  She m. Edgar Lester Applarius (1890-1975).
            3 Vernon chlundt, Prentice, b. 31 May 1888, Stoughton, Dane Co., WI.  
    		He m. Imelda Moran.  She was b. 16 Dec 1899, CA, and d. 11 May 1972, 
    		Berkeley, Alameda Co., CA. They had 1 or more children, including:
    		a. Vernon Irving Prentice/Prentiss, b. 25 Sep 1917, San Francisco, CA, 
    			and d. 17 Jan 1984, Corona Del Mar, CA.  He m. Florence May 
    			Madden.  She was b. 1 Aug 1921, San Juan Is., WA, and d. Jul 
    			1994, Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA.  Children:
    			   i. (son) Prentice.  He m. Miss Bradbury and had 1 son.
    				 He also m. Miss Galt and had  2 sons.
    			  ii. (son) Prentice.  He m. Miss (unknown).
    			 iii. (son) Prentice.

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