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Ellis Island Prentices from Scotland

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Ellis Island Prentices from Scotland
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2003 and Revised 6 Aug 2003

We received a posting to PRENTICE-LIST@prenticenet.com from Christine Hadden, and also her email of 31 Jul 2003, containing some Ellis Island entries for Prentices who emigrated from Scotland. They read as follows:

1.  Arriving at Ellis Island on April 1, 1912, from Glasgow Scotland:
George Prentice, age 49 [b. c. 1863], gardener
Ellen, age 48 [b. c. 1864], wife
George, age 22
Ina, age 15 [b. c. 1897]
Robert, age 7

all from Hazelbank, Scotland.  Going to live with George's brother Thomas in
Hamilton, Ontario

2.  Arriving 26th May 1923 from Glasgow
Georgina Prentice, age 35, single, nurse, born Hamilton, Lanarkshire,
   brother James Prentice lived at 26 Miller Street, Hamilton.

Her final destination was New York, she had 30 pounds in her possession, and
was going to the home of her friend, Thomas Graham, 225 West 80th Street,
New York.  Moving to the US permanently.  She was in good physical
condition, 5'2", fair complexion, auburn hair.

3.  Arriving 11 March 1911
James Prentice, age 26 (b. c. 1885), miner, from Burnbank, Hamilton, Scotland. Wife
living in Hamilton.  Had 84 pounds; going to home of friend Matthew
McKinlay, Elk Gardens, W. VA. 5'7", fair, grey eyes.  Born Lesmahagow,

4.  Arriving 4 June 1921
Annie Prentice, married, age 30 (b. c. 1891), housewife, mother Annie Paterson lived at
Meadowbank, Dalserf.  Family going to Newhall, W VA.  Accompanied by children:
	- Maggie (10), and 
	- Clementina (2).  
Going to stay with husband David Prentice in Newhall, W. VA.  Annie was 4'11", 
fair with auburn hair and grey eyes.

Travelling with Annie, Margaret Prentice, 36, housewife, mother Mrs Mary
Miller, 6 Brown Street, Newmains. Also going to Newhall, W. VA.  Accompanied
by children:
	- Annie (17, tailoress), 
	- Euphemia (15, tailoress), 
	- James (9), 
	- Jean (11 months) 
Going to stay with husband, Thomas Prentice in Newhall W VA. 
See 1920 WV census and Fall 2003 article
She was 5'3", sallow complexion, grey eyes, black haired.

Travelling with above - Clementina Prentice, 67 (b. c. 1854), widow, son Andrew Prentice,
Ashgill, Larkhall.   Also going to Newhall, W. VA.  Accompanied by daughter,
Euphemia Sinclair, 30 (b. c. 1891), housewife.  Accompanied by children:
	- Mary, 10, b. c. 1911.
	- James, 8, b. c. 1913.
	- Margaret, b. c. 1916.
	- Clementina, b. c. 1920.

Clementina's son was William Prentice who also was already in Newhall W. VA.

The husband of Euphemia Sinclair was James Sinclair who also was already in
Newhall.  Some of the above people had already been to Newhall, and some
were even born there.
5.  August 5, 1896, from Liverpool on the Teutonic
A. W. Prentice, age 52 (b. c. 1844), from Glasgow, civil engineer, transient 
in U.S., 8 pieces of luggage.

6.  April 15, 1907, on the Caledonia from Glasgow.
Thomas Prentice, 26 (b. c. 1881), miner, from Netherburn, Lanarkshire 
to Lawton, W. VA. Over 50 pounds cash, going to brother William Prentice 
in Glendale, Lawton, W. VA. 5’7", fresh complexion, black hair, blue eyes, 
born Dalry, Scotland.
Accompanied by wife, Maggie, 25, 5’0", dark complexion, black hair, dark eyes, born Newmains, Lanarkshire
Accompanied by children:
	- Annie Prentice, b. c. 1904, Ashgill, 
	- Euphemia Prentice, b. c. 1907, Overtown, Lanarkshire.  
Both children fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes.
Accompanied by sister, Maggie, age 29, b. c. 1878, Overtown, domestic servant, 
5’2", fair complexion, auburn hair, blue eyes, also going to brother 
William Prentice in Lawton, W. VA.
Accompanied by sister-in-law , Alice, age 21, married to above William Prentice 
of Lawton, W. VA.  Born Wishaw, Lanarkshire, 5’0", pale complexion, black hair, 
dark blue eyes, and daughter Joan, 5 months.
7.  October 17, 1910 on the Caledonia from Glasgow           
Agnes Prentice, 26 (b. c. 1884), single, maid, from Alexandria, Scotland.  
Next of kin, her father A. or H. Prentice, Glentfort, Queen Street,
Alexandria, destination New York.  Going to her intended, James Allan, 
331 Amsterdam Ave., New York.  5’3 3/4", fair complexion, fair hair, brown eyes.
8.  September 4, 1904 on the Furnessia from Glasgow:
Agnes Prentice, 16 (b. c. 1888}, single, servant from Bonhill, Scotland going 
to Trenton N.J. with $11 on person.  Going to Aunt W. Clyde, 719 Kase Street, Trenton, NJ
9.  May 8 1911 on the California from Glasgow
Alexander Prentice, 25 (b. c. 1886), single, brass moulder, from Bonhill, Scotland, 
going to Trenton N.J..  Next of kin, father Alex. Prentice, 1 Campbell Street, Bonhill.  
Going to stay with sister, Mrs. Agnes Cooper, 112 Russling Street, Trenton, N.J. 5’6".  
Fresh complexion, auburn hair, brown eyes. 

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