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South Australian Births, 1842-1906

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South Australian Births, 1842-1906
Summer 2001 and Revised 11 Nov 2001

Murray and Ruth Board have provided us with the following records of births in South Australia in the period 1842 to 1906: (Ref: Digger - South Australian Births 1842-1906 (c) SAGHS)

1. George Prentice m. Helen Eliza Cutting. Children:

  • George Prentice, b. 7 May 1878
  • William Thomas Prentice, b. 3 Jun 1878, Norwood

2. m. Bridget Aharn/Ahran, b. c. 1845-6. She d. 27 Aug 1914, Adelaide. Childen:

  • James Prentice, b. 8 Aug 1883, Adelaide
  • Robert John Prentice, b. 22 Sep 1885, Adelaide

3. Richard Casey Prentice m. Abigail Maplesden. Children:

  • Richard Casey Maplesden Prentice, b. 23 Dec 1857, Little Para

4. George Prentice m. Minnie Gertrude Hart. Children:

  • William George Prentice, b. 6 Sep 1905, Uraidla

5. (omitted)

6. (female) Prentice m. Joseph Hopkins. Children:

  • Eliza Rosetta Hopkins, b. 23 Sep 1892, Snowtown.
  • George Sydney Hopkins, b. 25 Sep 1883, Kadina.
  • Ida May Hopkins, b. 11 Apr 1889, Kadina.
  • James Hawkes Hopkins, b. 14 Jun 1868, Gawler.

7. Sarah Ann Prentice m. William Franz. Children:

  • Harold Ernest Franz, b. 21 Nov 1898, Adelaide.

8. Lucy Charlotte Prentice m. William Frederick Wyatt. Children:

  • Lucy May Wyatt, b. 26 Aug 1898, Norwood.

9. Euphenia Prentice Gallaitry m. William Morrison. Children:

  • Charles Dugald Morrison, b. 20 Sep 1884, Unley.

10. Charlotte Prentice m. William Theeuf. Children: (unknown) Theeuf, b. 28 Oct 1868, Government Well.

    Note of 11 Nov 2001: By email, Leandra Prior advises that there is an error in the registration. Charlotte's maiden name was Press and she was born to William & Esther Press in Buxted, Sussex, UK in 1833, and the family migrated to South Australia in about 1838.

11. Charles Prentice, b. c. 1834-5, d. 29 Mar 1867, Talunga, Adelaide.

12. George Prentice, b. c. 1831-2, d. 6 Jul 1903, Parkside.

13. Jane Prentice, b. c. 1814-15, d. 8 Aug 1898, Adelaide.

14. Richard Casey Prentice, b. c. 1824-25, d. 5 Jun 1879, Port Pirie.

15. Robert Prentice, b. c. 1854-55, d. 1 Feb 1899, Adelaide.

16. William Prentice, birth date unknown, d. 19 Jan 1855, location unknown.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com.

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