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Prentice Perfume: Update

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Prentice Perfume: Update
Summer 2001 and Revised 4 Jul 2001

Readers of the Spring 2001 PRENTICE NEWSLETTER will recall our article about Scott Prentice's exciting new product Prentice Perfume . Called "Colonial Prentice", it is a nostalgic fragrance described as "light, fresh, unisex and very patriotic. The scent is layered like other perfumes and is a mixture of rosewood and orange leaves, freesia, osmanthus, fresh-baked bread and just a suggestion of clean, sun-dried laundry.

The product has proved so popular that another scent has now been introduced called "The Fourth of July".

The delivery system for "The Fourth of July" is truly unique.. It is automatically distributed, free, via the viewers' speakers each time one logs onto PrenticeNet. The aroma is generated through an electronic interface of site content with the computer's speakers which ionizes and combines the audio frequency with the computer's digital signal, thereby producing a clear, unmistable and pleasing scent bringing to mind the exciting aroma of strawberry ice cream and carrot cake.

Success did not come easily. Scott Prentice chuckled as he related that his first effort produced a scent that smelled like a burning circuit board; it turned out that it was. Later test batches produced an aroma resembling exploding firecrackers and burning sparklers but that seemed a bit too harsh for viewers sitting in enclosed working spaces. The final product is one which everyone seems to enjoy.

For more information, you may contact Scott Prentice at Scott@prenticenet.com.

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