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Joseph Prentice of Good Easter, Essex, England

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Joseph Prentice of Good Easter, Essex Co., England
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2002 and Revised 1 Aug 2006

Note: This article has now been replaced by our Winter 2004 artice about Joseph Prentice of Woodham Ferrers .

We are helping Pamela Wainman, with the able aid of Kerry Prentice, in tracing her Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:

1. Joseph Prentice was b. 1780, perhaps at or near Woodham Ferrers (formerly known as Woodham Ferris) where his son, Joseph, was b. c. 1800.

Joseph Prentice m. Elizabeth Halls before 1806. Children:

  1. Joseph Prentice, b. c. 1800 and chr. 16 Feb 1806, Woodham Ferris. . . . . . . [2]
  2. Thomas Prentice, bap. 21 Aug 1803, Foodham Ferrers (per Maria Prentice, email, 28 Nov 2004, citing Woodham Ferrers burial record. There is also a note saying Thomas was buried on 20 Aug 1803 the day before he was baptised).
  3. Elizabeth Prentice. Although additional investigation is needed for confirmation, she might be the Elizabeth Prentice, b. c. 1826, who Rawreth Burial Records show as bur 9 Aug 1846, age 20, Rawreth.
  4. Hannah Prentice.
  5. Marianne Prentice. Although additional investigation is needed for confirmation, she might be the Mary Ann Prentice shown in Rawreth Burial Records as b. c. 1826 and bur. 18 Mar 1865, age 39 years.

    Note: The Chelmsford Records Office as a Woodham Ferrers Burial record for a James Prentice, March 1807. It is unclear whether he is another child of Joseph and Elizabeth or an adult related to Joseph.

2. Joseph Prentice, b. c. 1800, Woodham Ferris (per 1851 Good Easter census), bap. 16 Feb 1806 and d. in the June quarter of 1874 in the Chelmsford area (per Ian Prentice, email, 30 Jul 2002). Pamela Wainman's email of 14 Feb 2003 indicated Joseph d. in the Workhouse at Good Easter. Joseph appears as a Lodger and a Widower in Maldon, St. Peters Parish, in the 1861 census; no children are shown living with him.

Joseph m. Eliza Gibson and his marriage was registered in the September quarter of 1844 in the Braintree area (per Ian Prentice, above). In 1844 they lived in Good Easter and appear in the 1851 Good Easter census. Known children:

  1. Jane Prentice, b. 1835, Good Easter. At home in the 1851 census. The IGI does not show a marriage for her.
  2. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 18 Jun 1838. She is not at home in the 1851 census and may then be deceased.
  3. Charles Prentice, b. 1841, Good Easter. . . . . . . . . . [3]
  4. Henry Prentice, b. 8 Jul 1842, Good Easter. At home in the 1851 census. He does not appear in the 1881 census.
  5. Emma Prentice, b. 12 Apr 1844, Good Easter. . . . . . . . [4]
  6. Eliza Prentice, b. c. 1851, Chelmsford. At home in the 1851 census.

3. Charles Prentice, b. 1841, Good Easter, Essex. He appears in the 1881 census living on Great Waltham Rd., Mashbury, Essex, with his wife, Sarah, b. c. 1850, Mashbury, and children:

  1. Elizabeth Prentice, b. c. 1868, Good Easter.
  2. Henry Prentice, b. c. 1871, Good Easter.
  3. David Prentice, b. c. 1874, Mashbury.
  4. Jane Prentice, b. c. 1877, Mashbury.
  5. Frederick Prentice, b. c. 1881, Mashbury.

4. Emma Prentice, b. 12 Apr 1844, Good Easter and d. 29 Jan 1897 in Willingale Spain (Bobbingworth district of Ongar). She m. John Chipperfield on 25 Dec 1858. Although only 14 at marriage, she gave her age as 17, but said she was 37 on the 1881 census which would confirmed her 1844 birth date. Ian Prentice's email of 30 Jul 2002 mentions that there were several Prentice families living in the Chelmsford aera at the time so it is impossible, without spending a lot of money on certificates, to find out whether Emma had any siblings; the simplest way would be to check through the Good Easter parish register.

Emma and John had at least 20 children, most of whom lived to adulthood, and is Pamela Wainman's great-grandmother. Children shown in the 1881 Moors Garden, Good Easter census, are:

  1. Simon Chipperfield, b. c. 1861, Good Easter.
  2. William Chipperfield, b. c. 1865, Good Easter.
  3. Albert Chipperfield, b. c. 1867, Good Easter.
  4. John Chipperfield, b. c. 1870, Good Easter.
  5. James Chipperfield, b. c. 1873, Good Easter.
  6. Charles Chipperfield, b. c. 1876, Good Easter.
  7. Jonah Chipperfield, b. c. 1878, Good Easter.
  8. Frank Chipperfield, b. c. 1879, Good Easter.
  9. Michael Chipperfield, b. c. 1880, Good Easter.
  10. Edward Chipperfield, b. c. 1884, Good Easter.
  11. Ernest Chipperfield, b. c. 1886, Good Easter.

Who are Joseph Prentice's Parents?

There would seem to be a good chance that Joseph Prentice is the same person as the Joseph Prentice mentioned in our Summer 2003 article about Joseph Prentice of Rawreth, Essex, England .

Ian Prentice's email of 30 Jul 2002 suggests that:

    "...his father [might be] a Joseph Prentice [shown in the IGI as] born in 1761 in Hatfield Heath, son of William and Susannah [Prentice] - there was an elder sister, Esther [Prentice], born in 1759. It may well be that the family became members of a dissenting church and it would be worth Pamela's while to look through the records of the nearest protestant, baptist, etc. churches for the missing information as well as the Hatfield Heath register."

The name, Joseph Prentice,was a common name and it might be that Joseph and his parents are not yet listed in the IGI.

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