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Item name: Letter from Perry Prentiss, 1898
Summary: Letter to the Bonnot Co.

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Date: 1898-11-30
Location: US, OH, Cleveland
Collections: Letters, Morris Ball Pulverizer Co.
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Prentice Queries

• I am looking for Caroline Prentice of North Carolina, who married William P. Gilmore. Her son John Gilmore lived in Geneva, Alabama.
» Lynn Flomer [1999-07-15]
• In some family papers I found a clipping from a Canton, IL paper of, I assume, 1915, regarding the 60th wedding anniversary of John P. Prentice and his wife, Martha A. Culton Prentice. Accord... (more)
» George Glenn [2001-12-20]
• Hello, I am researching family and My grandfather, my mother's dad, Frederick James Prentice, b. 5 Jan 1903, Cambridge, Ma d. 2 Jan 1973, Milford, Ma, m. Grace Mae Grindle of Maine, his ... (more)
» Bill Paschal [1998-07-09]
• I'm looking for information about my ancestors, all I know is that my grandfather was Fredrick Edward Prentice, sometimes went by Edward, was born 3/ 12/ 1886 supposedly in Syracuse, NY. He died 2/ 13/ 1938 in Everett, WA. His mother supposedly died giving childbirth of him and his father, possibly Albert Prentice, would not have anything to do with him because of that. On a marriage certificate I found from when my grandfather married my grandmother, Isabella Robinson on 2/ 14/ 1920, he listed his father Albert Prentice and mother Nora "Wooden" Prentice and in a census from 1930 he stated his mother and father were born in New York. I'm at a loss for any further information and would like to find any relatives that might be out there. I understood that my grandfather was raised by his aunt, possibly named Mary. My mother was born in Zanesville, OH so there may have been relatives there in 1922. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've run the course of most ancestry search sites and am now at a dead-end. Thanks for any consideration!
» Don Kessler [2017-08-11]

Recent Comments

• Edward Clayton: I believe John Aldrich Prentice (son of Calvin and Anne Elizabeth (Aldrich) Prentic and Ellen Marie (Taft) Prentice (daughter of Willis Bates Taft and Emily Ann (Rose) Taft) had two natural children ... (more)
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• Joseph Prentiss: William M. Prentiss is LCDR William McKinley Prentiss, his son was Jr. And they had a 3rd daughter Mary.
» Visit page [2018-10-15]
• Glenn McDonnell: The link to the "Thomas Prentice of Oundle" page para 2 line 1 appears broken.
» Visit page [2018-07-29]
• Glenn McDonnell: Re: Thomas Prentice born 1787 son of Thomas Prentice and Dorothy Bland. I believe he is cited in a Poor Law Removal and Settlement Record of 14 Mar 1832 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England as follows: &qu... (more)
» Visit page [2018-07-29]
• Ronald Prentice: Ronald Harry Prentice, son of Harry Walker Prentice and Marion (Derby) Prentice, was born on July 21, 1943. He married Barbara Ann Johnson on June 12, 1965. They still live in Eugene, Oregon in 2018.... (more)
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» Sermon by Rev. Thomas Prentiss of Medfield, Mass, 1802 - Religion and morality united in the duty of man.
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