Painesville, Ohio
August 16, 1998
A beautiful summer day - 80 degrees & sunny - awaited us at Helen Hazen Wyman Park, Rte 86, Painesville Twp. At about 12:15 pm Jack Prentice started our family church service with the help of his grandson, William B. Williams II leading us in song. After another gradiose pot luck dinner enjoyed by 39, the business meeting of the combined 106th Prentice Reunion, 47th Prentice/Gleason Reunion & 65th H.E. Prentice Reunion was called to order by President Barbara Taft. Joan Winston introduced her guest, John Truman who is related to many of those present. John gave a brief biographical sketch of his life. Elsie Berg read the minutes from the Western Prentice Reunion. Joan Winston read the minutes from last year's "Eastern" Reunion. Jaon also read Thank You notes for our donations in Memory of Helen Agard, Neal Reynolds & Marian Lohiser. The treasurer's report was read and approved. Instead of a "Pass The Hat" collection, we had a Chinses Auction. President Barb had the children pulling a ticket for an item periodically during the business meeting. Vandy Lenz volunteered to procur the park for next year's reunion. She will try to get Concord Woods again. All previous officers were re- elected by unanimous acclaim. President: Barbara Taft; Vice- President: Hazel O'Neil; Seceretaries: Elsie Berg & Joan Winston; Treasurer: Hazel O'Neal. Charlie Prentice mentioned that his geneaology work is getting really slow. Hi is still forging ahead trying to find Mrs. Peleg Prentice. He will be making a trip to Columbas, Ohio on Tuesday to the Cooumbas Historical Society Archives. Jaon Winston was given a picture from Helen Agard's collection. Of course. there were no names on the back. Between Charlie Prentice & John Truman, it was detemined they were John Ermon Truman and His wife Florence Dayton Truman. Betty Spangler said that on her mother's birth certificate her father's middle name was Edward. Most of us know him as Herman Edwin Prentice. Charlie replied that lots of times information for birth certificates back then were given at a later time or by someone other that the parents. So many times there are discrepancies. He noted Hazel Virginia Truman Prentice as an example. Her birth certificate reads Virginia A. Truman. She was always know as Hazel Virginia. Vandy Lenz mentioned that the Family Newsletter subscription is still only $5.00 per year. Last year's subscriptions will run out in December, 1998. So be sure get your cash, check or money order to Vandy before the end of December.