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Capt. Thomas Prentice (the Trooper) 1621 - 7/6/1710   brief biography
        Click Here to find out about early relatives (Prentices and other surnames)
          and connections such as John Eliot, the "Apostle to the Indians"
  m. Grace Bull d. 10/9/1692
  neither set of parents known
      5 children: Grace, Thomas Jr., Elizabeth, Mary, John

Thomas Prentice Jr. 1/22/1649 - 4/19/1685   brief bio of Thomas, Sarah, & her parents
  m. Sarah Stanton 1655 - 1713, dtr of Thomas Stanton & Ann Lord
      4 children: Thomas, Grace, Samuel Sr., John

Samuel Prentice Sr. 1680 - 4/24/1728
  m. Esther Hammond, dtr of Nathaniel Hammond & Mary _____
      brief bio of Esther & her parents - oldest documented branch of the family so far
      10 children: Samuel Jr., Joseph, Grace, Mary, Jonas, Esther, Oliver, Eunice,
                   Thomas, Dorothy

Deacon Samuel Prentice Jr. 11/25/1702 - 10/11/1773   brief bio of Samuel, Abigail, & her ancestry
  m. Abigail Billings 3/1/1707 - 10/30/1789, dtr of Ebenezer Billings & Phoebe Lay Denison
      13 children: Dorothy, Samuel, Ebenezer, John, Abigal, Joshua, Phoebe, Asa, Jonas,
                   Jesse, Esther, Amos, Grace

Lt. Jesse Prentice (Revolutionary War) 1/24/1743 - 1811   brief bio of Jesse and Elizabeth
  m. Elizabeth Belcher 3/12/1756 - 8/10/1844, dtr of Moses Belcher & Esther Rudd
      4 children: Joseph, Fanny, Alfred Belcher, Jesse Jr.

Alfred Belcher Prentice 12/11/1798 - 1881
  m. 1st Catharine Huff Simons 4/10/1802 - 11/21/1839, dtr of Uriah Simons & Olive Tucker
      7 children: Martin Dewitt, Frederick Delos, Franklin, Elizabeth, Olive, Mary Louise,
  m. 2nd Laura Lucretia Goodspeed 4/25/1804 - 10/11/1888
      3 children: Irving Belcher, Ellen Imogene, William Goodspeed

Sgt. Martin Dewitt Prentice 5/3/1830 - 8/8/1917
     Moved from midstate N.Y. to Colorado for the 1859 Gold Rush, served in 2nd Colorado
     Cavalry during the Civil War - lots of details coming soon for Civil War buffs
  m. Mary Ann Lewis 12/10/1839 - 12/17/1929, dtr of William Lewis & Honora Mailey of Boston
        She was first married to William Laurie, who was murdered in her arms during
        Quantrill's infamous Civil War raid on Lawrence, Kansas 8/21/1863 as she held
        their 2 year old son Walter William Laurie.
  Martin raised Walter as his stepson and had 3 children by Mary Ann: Julian E., Chester L.,
      and Irving Elba, ancestor of the New Orleans branch of the family.

Irving Elba Prentice 3/6/1878 - 2/1942
  m. Cecilia Cullom 6/24/1887 - 12/14/1969, dtr of Peter Cullom & Mary Williamson
      8 children: Irving John Sr., Julian Cullom, Ruth Cecelia, George Dewitt,
                   William Edward Sr., Mary Alice, Chester "Mike," Raymond Louis 

William Edward Prentice Sr. b. 10/29/1918
  m. 1st Celia Leonora Bermudez b. 6/12/1928, native of Honduras, dtr of Ruben Bermudez
          Mesa and Ada Maria Navas
      2 children: William Edward Jr. and David Andrew
  m. 2nd Rose Canal Hart

me (David Andrew Prentice) b. 10/24/1952
  m. 1st Charlotte Mary Metzger, b. 7/31/1954, dtr of Joseph Metzger & Eloise Barrett
      2 children: Linda Michelle and Michelle Maureen
  m. 2nd Nancy Hope Runion b. 7/24/1947
      2 stepchildren: Bonnie Jean Gordon and Scott Walker Gordon

Linda Michelle Prentice b. 7/2/1973
Michelle Maureen Prentice b. 7/29/1977

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