Sugar Grove Cemetery - Wilmington, Ohio

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Four generations of Millikans are buried in the Sugar Grove Cemetery in Wilmington, Ohio. See Lytle's Creek Cemetery for Thomas' parents and grandfather. Much appreciation and thanks go to Beth Mitchell for taking these photos!

Thomas and Sarah Millikan

Nathan and Sallie Millikan

James McLain and Isabel Millikan

Thomas Millikan (1808-1887, son of Eli Millikan) and Sarah Potterfield Millikan (1808-1885)

Mary (1841-1883) , Elizabeth (1837-1917), and Priscilla (1849-1919) - daus. of Thomas and Sarah

Rebecca Millikan (1845-1857) - dau. of Thomas and Sarah

Nathan Millikan (1839-1915) - son of Thomas and Sarah

Sallie Jane McLain Millikan (1846-1911) - wife of Nathan Millikan

William C. Millikan (1869-1923) - son of Nathan and Sallie

James McLain Millikan (1867-1937) - son of Nathan and Sallie

Mervyn M. Millikan (1898-1955) - son of James and Isabel