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  1. Edward Howe
  2. James Redfield
Edward Howe, an early settler of Lynn, MA; m. in England, Elizabeth _______; he d. April 1639.

Edward Howe with his wife and children embarked on the "Truelove" for New England on the 19th of Sept. 1635. He removed from Lynn to New Haven, CT as early as 1644.

Children of Edward and Elizabeth:

  1. Jeremiah Howe, b. abt. 1614, in England.
  2. Joseph Howe, b. in England.
  3. Sarah Howe, b. abt 1623, in England.
  4. Ephraim Howe, b. abt. 1626, in England.
  5. Issac Howe, b. abt. 1628, in England.
  6. William Howe, b. abt. 1629, in England.

Source: Note 1


Jeremiah Howe of New Haven, CT; son of Edward and Elizabeth; m. Elizabeth _______

Children of Jeremiah and Elizabeth:

  1. Zachariah Howe, b. prob. in Lynn.
  2. Nathaniel Howe, b. prob. in Lynn.
  3. Elizabeth Howe, bapt. 30 March 1645, in New Haven, CT; m. May 1665, New Haven, CT, James Redfield, son of William and Rebecca Redfield.
  4. Bathsheba Howe, b. 15 May 1648, New Haven, CT; m. 23 Oct 1677, John Dixwell the regicide, under the name of James Davids, as his third wife; he d. 18 Mar. 1688/9; she d. 27 Dec. 1729, ae 81; three children: Mary, John, Elizabeth.
  5. Jeremiah Howe, b. 8 July 1650, New Haven.
  6. Joseph Howe, b. 22 Oct. 1653, New Haven; d. abt. 1703.
  7. John Howe, b. 26 June 1656, New Haven.
  8. Ebenezer Howe, b. 26 June 1656; not mentioned in his mother's will.

Source: Note 1

  1. Howe Genealogies, by Daniel Wait Howe, 1929.
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