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Vincent N. B. Prentice, Red Lake Indian Reservation, Beltrami Co., Michigan

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Vincent N. B. Prentice, Red Lake Indian Reservation, Beltrami Co., Michigan
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2009 and Revised 22 Jan 2009

Chippewa Indian Prentices

Introduction and Caution: The following information comes from 2 main sources:

1. Vincent Nayshekaywubetun Beshan Prentice was b. c. 1835 and was a Chippewa Indian per Ancestry.com . It is not known how the "Prentice" surname came to be associated with the Red Lake Chippewa Indians. Vincent N. B. Prentice is thought to be the son of a white man named Prentice and a Chippewa woman.

He m. Jane Baybahmujewonoke Obahbahmejewonok. She was b. 1845 in WI and d. 26 Oct 1929 at the Red Lake Indian Res., Beltrami Co., MN.

Vincent's descendants are set out in a Descendancy format and part way down the page under "Descendants of PRENTICE" at http://www.ojibwe.info/RedLake/HTML/people/p00000l6.htm .

A word of explanation: Many of the descendants' entries read, " (Name_Unknown) Annuity PRENTICE." The word, "Annuity," refers to Annuity Records which were created by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These records listed the name of a head of household, along with the number of "men, women, and children" for whom annuities were alleged to have been paid, prior to 1878.

Prior to 1878, the listings were much like the 1840 and earlier U. S. census records which only listed by name the head of the household with all other persons in the household identified by sex and age groups only.

After 1878, members of the Red Lake group were all listed by name in each household.

Other useful information about the Chippewa Indians can be found at www.maguah.net and by a Google search on "Chippewa history.".

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