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Thomas Prentice of Horsleydown, Surrey, England

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Thomas Prentice of Horsleydown, Surrey, England
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2010 and Revised 3 Jun 2010

Joy Lawson. by email of 18 Dec 2009, has provided us with information about Thomas Prentice. To that we have added information from census records. Here is what we know so far:

1. Thomas Prentice was b. c. 1795 to 1806 and d. 1853. His son, George, was an informat on Thomas' death certificate. Although additional investigation is needed for confirmation, he may (or may not) be the Thomas Prentice shown in the 1841 census as b. c. 1797. The 1841 census shows him as then living in "St Mary Islington East," Middlesex, but does not give his county of birth, it only says he was not born in Middlesex County.

Joy Lawson's email of 19 Dec 2009 relates that various documents list Thomas' occupation was a brushmaker, but that on the marriage certificate of his son, George, Thomas' occupation is listed as a "turner." Those occupations are not necessarily inconsistent because a Wikipedia search indicates that the term, "turner," could broad enough to include a wood lathe operator turning out handles for brushes.

By about 1827-1828 Thomas was living in Horsleydown (Southwark area of London, see Note below), Surrey in 1827-1828 where his son, George, was born.

    Note: For an interesting and informative history of Horsleydown, see Cryer Family History . In the 1800s and early 1900s, the Cryer and Webb families lived in the Southwark area of London which is on the south bank of the the River Thames, then nominally in the county of Surrey. One of the parishes in the area where various family baptisms and marriages took place was Horsleydown, (also written in the old records as Horsley Down, Horsley Downs, Horseley Downs etc).

The 1797 Thomas Prentice m. Maria Palk, b. c. 1798, Plymouth, Devon, and d. 17 Jun 1894, Hackney, Middlesex. Children of Thomas and Maria per 1841 census and Ancestry.com , including his son, George, whose marriage certificate identifies Thomas as his father.:

  1. Mary Ann Prentice, b. 22 Nov 1821, Southwark, Surrey, and d. 1854, Shoeditch, London.
  2. Emma Prentice, b. 1822, Surrey, and d. 1896, London.
  3. Lydia Prentice, b. 28 Jan 1824, Islington, Mioddlesex, and d. before 1830.
  4. George Prentice, b. c. 1827-28. Horsleydown, Surrey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]
  5. Lydia Prentice, b. c. 1831, Middlesex. 1841 census at home in "St Mary Islington East," Middlesex,
  6. Thomas Prentice, b. c. 1834, Middlesex. 1841 census at home in "St Mary Islington East," Middlesex,
  7. Maria Prentice, b. c. 1836, Middlesex. 1841 census at home in "St Mary Islington East," Middlesex,
  8. James Prentice, b. 17 Aug 1838, Islington, Middlesex, and d. 21 Oct 1911, Hackney, Middlesex. 1841 census at home in "St Mary Islington East," Middlesex, He m. 1st Ann Clark Hodges on 14 Jul 1862, Islington, London. He m. 2nd Marianne Edeford on 1 Sep 1888, Islington, London. Daughter:
    1. Gladys May Prentice, b. 1891, Hackney, London.
  9. William Prentice 1842 – 1908

2. George Prentice was b. c. 1827-28 in Horsleydown, Surrey (a parish within the Southwark area of London; see Note, above). He d. 31 Aug 1874 in Shaklin, Isle of Wight, age 45 years, occupation: fancy warehouseman. Cause of death was phthisis pulmonum. His address at the time was Western Rd, Shanklin. Ryde, Isle of Wight. The informant was Lydia Toomer who was present at the death. She resided at Palmerston Rd, Shanklin. Joy Lawson's email of 2 Jun 2010 adds the following comments about his death record:

    "Re the death cert for George Prentice. To try and confirm that it is my George since the informant on the cert, Lydia Toomer (nee Wools) is not someone I'm familiar with, I have been liaising with several people in the last week to try and work out if there is a connection. This fortunately led me to Jacqueline Pearce who advised Lydia Toomer's step father was related to a Pearce.

    "Further searches revealed that Lydia's sister, Ellen was married to William Pearce. Since George Prentice's wife was Eliza Pearce, I believe this is where the connection comes in. However, I have not been able to completely confirm it YET. I have checked all the George Prentice's who were born around the same time as my George and there aren't any others who were warehousemen leading up to the time when Eliza became a widow. This leads me to believe it is in fact my George."

George appears in the 1851 census in Islington Civil Parish, St. Mary Ecclesiastical parish, Middlesex with his birth place, Horsley down (see microfilm), incorrectly indexed as "Hordesown, Jersey, Channel Islands."

He later appears in the 1861 census, South Hackney, Middlesex,as a Warehouseman and in the 1871 Hackney, St. Johns census as an Asst. Warehouseman living on Ellis Terrace with his wife and family. He was deceased by 1882 when his wife emigrated to Australia with her son, Alexander (Judith Dickson, email, 10 Sep 2006, citing Immigration Record IMM/116 703 M1698). In the 1881 census Eliza is shown as a widow and living with her son, Alexander.

He m. Eliza Pearce, b. c. 1830, Southwark, Surrey, and d. 23 Apr 1900 in Australia. She is bur. in South Brisbane Cemetery. She emigrated to Australia aboard the Dorunda with her son Alexander on 8 Apr 1882 (Judith Dickson, email, 10 Sep 2006, citing Immigration Record IMM/116 703 M1698). Children (per 1871 census):

  1. Emma Eliza Prentice, b. c. 1850, Hoxton, Middlesex. At home in 1861. Not home in 1871. By email of 18 Dec 2009, Joy Lawson relates thatshe was told by her mother and great aunt that Emma Eliza moved to Germany to become a nun and was never seen again.
  2. Maria Louisa Prentice, b. 15 Aug 1851 at 3 Ufton Grove, West Hackney. . . . . . . . . . [2.1]
  3. Rose Ellen Prentice, b. c. 1857, Hackney. At home in 1871. By email of 18 Dec 2009, Joy Lawson says that Rose Ellen d. in 1872 in Hackney.
  4. Ann/Anne LorimerPrentice, b. in the Oct-Nov-Dec Quarter of 1858, Hackney, Greater London, London, Middlesex, per Joy Lawson, email, 3 May 2010. At home in 1871. Not in 1881 census. She was single when she arrived in Australia with her sister, Jessie, on 17 Dec 1881. She is the Annie Prentice mentioned in Kat Davies email of 12 Sep 2008 and by Joy Lawson's email of 18 Dec 2009 who emigrated to Australia, as did her brother, Alexander, below. She m. Frank Corkling on 7 May 1884 in Brisbane. They had 6 daughters, per Joy Lawson's email of 3 May 2010:
    1. Winifred Thorn Corkling, b. 11 Oct 1885, Brisbane, an d. 30 Jul 1921, Brisbane. Did not marry.
    2. Evelyn Corkling, b. 31 Dec 1887. She m. Charles Thurlby on 3 Mar 1914. They had 1 or more children, including:
      1. Genevieve Thurlby, b. 26 Jan 1915 in Brisbane. She m. William Sculley on 2 Jun 1934. ' He was b. 10 Ju 1908 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. They had 4 children:
        1. Richard Sculley.
        2. Loretta Sculley.
        3. Chrystine Sculley.
        4. Esther "Joy" Sculley. She m. Mr. Lawson.
    3. Gladys Corkling, b. 7 Jul 1889, Brisbane, and d. 25 Dec 1953. She went to live in South Africa for 2 years when she was a teenager. She m. Thomas Jones on 15 Dec 1915. They had 2 daughters:
      1. Nancy Jocelyn Jones, b. 13 Nov 1917 and d. Oct 2009.
      2. Dorothy Betty "Betty" Jones, b. 24 Aug 1919 and living in 2010.
    4. Elsie Lorimer Corkling, b. 14 Mar 1891, Brisbane, and d. 13 Apr 1952, Brisbane. Did not marry
    5. Ethel Lorimer Corkling, b. 26 Dec 1895, Brisbane, and d. 12 Feb 1922, Brisbane. Did not marry.
    6. Annie Victoria Corkling, b. 23 Jun 1897, Brisbane, and d. 12 Oct 1898, Brisbane. Did not marry

  5. Alfred George Prentice, b. c. 1862, Hackney. At home in 1871. Not in 1881 and later census. He apparently emigrated to Australia per Joy Lawson, email, 18 Dec 2009.

  6. Jessie Prentice (dau.), b. c. 1864, Hackney. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[3]

  7. Alexander Prentice, b. 12 Jan 1866, Hackney. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4]

2.1 Maria Louisa Prentice, b. 15 Aug 1851 at 3 Ufton Grove, West Hackney, Hackney Union, Middlesex. At home in 1861. Not home in 1871 and perhaps married.

She m. 1st Bonnar William Armstrong. They married in Africa. They had at least 2 children per Joy Lawson, email, 19 Mar 2011:

  1. Bonnar William Armstrong, b. abt 1877 and
  2. Howard Armstrong b. abt 1881.

Both Bonnar and Howard Armstrong fought in the Second Boer War. Bonnar was a Major in the British Forces; served in the Kitchener Fighting Scouts; served with the Field Intelligence Dept; served in the South African Mounted Irregular Forces. He was Assistant Commissioner in Rhodesia. He worked in the High Commission Office in Pretoria. He was also a cattle inspector and interpreter to the Courts in Swaziland. He also studied Law in England and passed exams as a Barrister.

In the Second Matabele uprising, Bonnar was the Scout who, on Baden Powell's recommendation, rode with Frederick Russell Burnham to find Mlimo, the medicine man of the Ndebole people. Mlimo had convinced the people that the whites were responsible for the drought, locust plagues and cattle disease at the time, and suggested that all white people should be killed. Bonnar and Fred found Mlimo in his cave in the Matopo Hills and shot him. (More information can be gathered from Wikipedia at Wikipedia: Second Matabele War .

Bonnar was also instrumental in possibly saving Lt George Witton's life. Witton was one of the three Bushveldt Carbineers from Australia who were charged with murder during the Second Boer War. Bonnar was asked to write a letter to the then Federal Premier of the Australian Commonwealth, Alfred Deakin (I have a copy of the letter). At the time, Bonnar was an Officer in the Boer War and had held a command in the northern Transvaal immediately before the Bushveldt Carbineers succeeded them. (The movie "Breaker Morant" is about this story). Further information can be gathered from the internet.

3. Jessie Prentice (dau.), b. c. 1864, Hackney. She is likely the Jessie Prentice shown in the 1881 Hornsey, Middlesex, census as a Nurse and Mothers Help in the home of Edwin and Annie Dottridge at 165 Albion Rd., Hornsey, Middlesex. Not in 1891 census. By email of 18 Dec 2009, Joy Lawson relates that she emigrated to Australia and m. Frederick Ruska in 1901 in Brisbane and d. there, in Brisbane, in 1903. By email of 3 May 2010, Joy Lawson provided the text of a newspaper clipping from The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889-1931), Monday 19 October 1903, page 5

4. Alexander Prentice was b. 12 Jan 1866 on Elias Terrace, London Rd. in Hackney, London, England, and d. 12 Jun 1902 in Stanthorpe, Qeensland, Australia (per Ancestry.com: One World Tree .

The blurry photo provided by Katrine Davies shows Alexander on his wedding day.

He is shown at home in the 1871 census. In 1882 he emigrated to Queensland, Australia with his mother, Eliza (Judith Dickson, email, 10 Sep 2006, citing Immigration Record IMM/116 703 M1698).

Alexander died 12 Jun 1902 (Ref: 1902/004471) aged 35 yrs. He is buried at the Stanthorpe Cemetery, Queensland with a headstone erected by his wife Annie. (Ref: Judith Dickson, email, 4 Sep 2006).




He m. Anne "Annie" Engelmohr on 15 Aug 1894, Australia (Ref: 1894/B016993). She was b. c. 1873, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, per Joy Lawson, email, 3 May 2010, and d. 1910 in Stanthorpe, Australia. Anna was known as Annie to distinguish her from her youngest sister Anna Elizabeth. Annie's father Johannas born in Prussia d.1911 aged 72. Her mother Susanna Hesse born in Germany d.1916 aged 77 years. They are on the Brisbane City Council Grave Site search and also the information is held at the Stanthorpe Information Centre for burials in the cemetery there, but it's a bit obscure as it says DO (daughter of) John Englemohr & Susanna Hesse; brn Brisbane QLD; occ hotel keeper. I am not sure if that means her father also a hotel keeper or it's only in relation to Annie?

The photo of Anne was taken jus before their wedding. She was a noted singer and the photo may show her in costume.

By email of 10 Sep 2008, Kat Davies relates that "Annie and Alexander first lived in Brisbane after they were married where Alexander worked as an accountant for Messrs. Quilan & Grey Chartered Accountants. [Suffering from TB, but] his TB worsened and they moved to Stanthorpe for the colder climate. They bought the license for the Royal Hotel there and after Alexander died she ran the hotel by herself until she remarried. Kat Davies has the old accounts book from their hotel. The girls [their 3 daughters] went to boarding school in Brisbane.

The following information comes from an advertisement featuring the Royal Hotel at Stanthorpe, 1908.

    Description Taken from Souvenir of the Stanthorpe District, L. T. Jobson photographer and publisher. This hotel changed names from the Royal Hotel to Landy's Hotel and then Stanthorpe Hotel. The proprietor was Mrs Annie Lawson (1908-1911) and then Mr W. R. Balding (1912-1915). (Description taken from: Harslett and Royle, They came to a Plateau : (the Stanthorpe saga), 1970) Stanthorpe is the commercial centre of the Granite Belt in Queensland. The region is unique for its wide seasonal variations, occasionally snowing in winter. The name Stanthorpe comes from the Latin word 'stannum', meaning tin, and the English word 'thorp' meaning village. The town grew around a coaching station established in 1857 and boomed in 1872 when tin was discovered near Quart Pot Creek. Fruit growing and winemaking are the two main industries in Stanthorpe today. (Information taken from: UBD Queensland Country Link Street & Travel Directory - 15 ed.)

Children of Alexander and Anne born of this marriage (Ref: Judith Dickson, email, 4 Sep 2006):

  1. Dorothy Annie Prentice, b. 13 Feb 1895. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5]

  2. Ellen "Nell" Prentice, b. 18 Jan 1897, Brisbane (Ref: 1897/009107), and d. 3 Dec 1971 in Brisbane (per Ancestry.com: One World Tree). She m. Norman John Thompson a builder. They settled in Cunnamulla and later retired to Brisbane. They have 7 grandchildren through two sons: had John Duncan (m. Noela Falconer) and Donald Maxwell (m. Dorna Arnold).

  3. Grace Mary Prentice, b. 27 Oct 1898 (Ref: 1898/B063189) and d. May 1974 in Southport, Aust, Queensland (per Ancestry.com: One World Tree). In the 1922, C’wealth Electoral Roll she is shown as living at Stanthorpe doing home duties. Grace married Lt. Henry Cavendish Harvey on 25 Oct 1923 (Ref: 1923/003374). He was b. 26 Dec 1894 and d. 29 Sep 1935. He was wounded late on the first day at Gallipoli he returned on a hospital ship and was sent to an Army sanotorium in Stanthorpe where Grace worked as a nurse assistant. After they married he drew a selection in a ballot and won a property west of Morven they named Coolamon, where they ran Merino sheep. Children:
    1. Helen Louise Harvey. Did not marry.
    2. Peter Harvey. He m. Miss Campbell and had 3 daughters, one of whom is our correspondent, Katrina Davies who has 2 daughters.

We had received conflicting information as to a subsequent marriage by Annie after Alexander died:

  • Judith Dickson's email of 4 Sep 2006 says that after Alexander died Annie remarried as Annie Prentice to George Haldine Blues on 17 Apr 1912 (Ref: 1912/003625) and had a son, George Haldane Blues, b. 17 Apr 1912 (Ref: 1912/003625).

  • However, Katrina Davies's emails of 10 Sep 2008, and Ian Cameron's email of 10 May 2010, establish that established that Annie had d. in 1910 and that her tombstone in the Stanthorpe cemetery, Catholic Section, shows she had died in 1910 which was 2 years prior to her supposed marriage to George Haldine Blues. In fact, Ian Cameron's email of 10 May 2010 establishes that Annie m. 2nfd Robert Boondooma Lawson ("Boondooma" is the name of the property his family bought when they emigrated to Australia) and died during childbirth. The child, Robert Lawson survived and the only information known is he worked as an accountant on Belltrees station near Stanthorpe.

5. Dorothy Annie Prentice, b. 13 Feb 1895 (Ref: 1895/009668), and d. 23 Mar 1974, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Ian Cameron's email of 10 May 2001 says she was nicknamed"Daffy,".a shortening of "daffodil," a name bestowed on her mother by her eldest daughter, Hallett. In the 1922, C’wealth Electoral Roll she is shown as living at Hazelwood, Stanthorpe and is described as a housewife.

Dorothy married John Hallett Meek on 16 Aug 1922 (Ref: 1922/002522). He was b. in London. They had 2 daughters and 1 son, including:

  1. June Prentice Meek. She m. Ian Cameron per his email of 10 May 2010. He relates that has published a book, "They Came from Bold and Roving Stock," which is an account of six main families who emigrated from Scotland and England and eventually produced June and Ian.

Who is #1Thomas Prentice, father of #2 George Prentice?

We have tentative identified #1 Thomas Prentice as the Thomas Prentice shown in the 1841 census as b. c. 1797 who appears in the 1841 census living in "St Mary Islington East," Middlesex, with his wife, Maria.

If that identification is correct, then it is the same family as the family shown in our Fall 2002 article entitled Thomas Prentice of Bermondsey and Islington, London, England and the content of both articles should be consolidated..

Investigation is continuing.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com.

Caution: The "Subject" line of your email must contain the full name of the PRENTICE about whom you are writing, otherwise there is a serious risk that your email will be deleted, unread, as spam by our email filter.

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