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• Any New England Prentice reunions planned this summer? Back on August 17 '97 or '98 there was one in the New London Conn. area -- Hope to plan a reunion myself once I figure out the missing links in... (more)
» Susan Prentice [2001-05-18]
• The information I have is sketchy, but maybe someone could help. My name is Allison Prentice Gardner, my mother is Alice Steel Bole nee Prentice, she has three sisters Isabel MacAtammany, Helen ... (more)
» Allison Prentice Gardner [2000-02-05]
• My sister and I are looking for information on Edward and Mary Ball. They are our ggrandparents. My grandfather, their son, was Ezekiel E. Prentice born 8/ 23/ 11, born in Frederickstown, PA, ... (more)
» Paula Prentice [1999-02-22]
• Re Frederick Prentice [1822-1913] & his daughter Mary Edla Prentice [1844-1943], later Mrs Robert Nicol of New York, originally from Toledo, Ohio. I'm the great-great-nephew (by marriage) of Mary (Mollie) Prentice, who married Robert Nicol [1831-1879] in New York 1871. Briefly, Frederick (son of Joseph Prentice, an 'Ohio Pioneer') was an early oil millionaire, owned brownstone quarries, and had numerous business interests in various US states. Robert Nicol, a 'capable Scot', made his fortune in NY. The marriage was childless and Mollie, a 'grande dame' latterly of Park Avenue NY, used her long widowhood to support charitable causes in NY. Her name appears frequently in the NYT social pages 1890 to 1942. I have some family papers which mention the Prentice connection, but would like to know of any published obituaries for either Frederick or Mary and details of their respective estates. Both buried in Willow Cemetery, Lucas County, Ohio. Andrew Rose
» Andrew Rose [2011-10-31]

Recent Comments

• J. Young: It now appears to me that the son of Mary Prentice and John Clark above named David Ellis Clark who is shown as father of Massey Mercy Ann Clark is more likely her older brother instead . M M A Clark... (more)
» Visit page [2018-01-25]
• Scott Bergeson: There is a town called Prentice, Wisconsin, founded by Alexander Prentice. Some information about the town is here: http://vil.prentice.wi.gov/historywalk/ , and the second or third red dot on the ma... (more)
» Visit page [2017-11-19]
• Maryfrance Mccauley: I'm looking for a phantom James Prentice form Ireland that came to Canada in 1855 (ish) he had three children Maryanne Dougal and Daniel with the Widow Jane Moore (muir) I want to find his Irish root... (more)
» Visit page [2017-11-15]
• Maryfrance Mccauley: Are there any List on any Prentice Irish Families
» Visit page [2017-11-15]
• Jennifer Hanson: Gilbert Prentis is mentioned several times in a list of deed abstracts from Delaware Co. between 1804-1808. The list can be found at the attached link.
» Visit page [2017-10-24]

Featured Museum Items

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» Horatio Prentiss Letter, 1827 - Written to his older sister, Caroline Thayer, in Buckfield, Maine.
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» J.I. Prentiss & Co. envelope, 1901 - Envelope from the Pan-American Exposition. Addressed to H.E. Goodell, Irving, N.Y.
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» Prentice Troupe of Comedy Acrobats - Postcard from Sidney (member of the troupe) to his mother in Cape Town, South Africa.
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