Thomas Prentice Jr.
    Capt. Prenticeís son Thomas Jr. (Jan. 22, 1649 - Apr. 19, 1685), the second of 8 children, was a cavalryman in his fatherís troop. He married Sarah Stanton on Mar. 20, 1675, and had four children by her before his death at age 36. The cause of his death is not recorded. However, since the troop was often involved in fighting Indians, it is possible that he was killed in action. Who knows? He may even have been scalped.

Sarah Stanton's Family
    Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Stanton, b. 1605 in England. He came to the Colonies ca. 1635, becoming a military captain somewhere along the way. In 1637 he married Ann Lord, b. 1614 in England. He traded with the Indians and became an interpreter between them and the Connecticut colony. Besides Sarah, they also had a daughter named Dorothy.
    Thomas Stanton died in 1677; Ann died 1688. Their grandson, Sarah's son Samuel Prentice Sr., was born three years after the death of Thomas Stanton and eight years before the death of Ann.